Our Dolls’ Christmas Fashion Show—Part Two

Welcome to our dolls’ Christmas Fashion Show Part Two! This time our Disney Animator Dolls get to have the spotlight.

Image Of Our Disney Animator Dolls

Let’s start with Tinker Bell and her sweet, Christmas kitty themed ensemble.Tinker Bell Wearing Red Christmas Outfit










Tinker Bell is wearing a red, knit sweater that has three cats embroidered on the front; black, knit leggings; and a pair of super cute, “UGG” style boots.

Image Of Red Sweater From Previous Post

Remember this sweater? It was the topic of my “Red Sweater Saga” post.  Saved from the brink of craft condemnation, it’s now ready for the world to see!

These black leggings compliment Tink’s red sweatshirt perfectly!  I needed a break from Velcro, so I used black knit fabric and an elastic waistband to make these easy to slip on and off.  Image Of Black Doll Leggings And Tan Felt BootsThen, if the embroidered kittens weren’t cute enough, you have a pair of UGG boots!  They are sewn from tan felt and trimmed around the top with white faux fur.  Another adorable craft courtesy of My Froggy Stuff?

This outfit turned out so cute that I’ve completely forgiven the sweater for all the frustration it caused me!Christmas Outfit For Disney Animator Doll

Now let’s see what Rapunzel is modeling!  Wait, did I just say Rapunzel?

Yes!  Sister was kind enough to let me sew Rapunzel a dress and borrow her for this photo shoot!

Rapunzel Doll Wearing Green Gingerbread Dress











Rapunzel’s pretty, green dress is sewn from a cheery, Christmas print fabric.  In fact, you probably remember this fabric from an earlier post, Christmas Fashion Show—Part One.  It was the scraps from this dress that made Tinkerbell’s tiny frock.

A red ribbon accents the bodice and skirt of the dress along with two gingerbread buttons. Instead of Velcro (I was still needing a break!) I used two small buttons to fasten the dress in the back.

Images Of Green Dress For Disney Animator Doll

The sleeves of Rapunzel’s dress are gathered ever so slightly so that they “puff” just a little, and the entire bodice is lined on the inside. I realize I probably should have lined it with white fabric (to prevent staining) but the dark green matched so much better. So I decided to take a chance and use it instead. So far there hasn’t been any staining.

Sadly, I did not have time to make a pair of shoes so Rapunzel will continue to be barefoot for the time being.  However, I did manage to whip up…

Christmas Hair Bow For Rapunzel Doll






A Christmas bow!!

I think Rapunzel would prefer a hair bow over shoes anyway.

Christmas Outfit For Animator Rapunzel Doll
Now, for the grand finale; the snow, studded spectacle we’ve all been waiting for…

Disney Animator Elsa Doll Wearing Blue Snowflake Dress













Elsa’s glittery snowflake dress is absolutely beautiful.  I’m so pleased with how it turned out?

The bodice is sewn from same snowflake patterned fabric as Cinderella’s dress in the previous post.  However, Elsa has blue tulle and snowflake buttons adorning the neckline and shoulder straps of her dress.Blue Snowflake Dress For Disney Animator DollThe bodice is lined on the inside with light blue, cotton fabric and closes in the back using sparkly turquoise buttons. Elsa’s skirt has four layers:

  1. The first is a glittery snowflake organza. A White netting (crinoline);
  2. The second layer is the same snowflake printed fabric that I used for the bodice.
  3. The third layer is light blue tulle.
  4. Then, finally, Elsa has a little crinoline made from white net fabric.

Image Of Shoes And Necklace For Elsa Animator Doll For footwear, Elsa has a pair of plastic canvas shoes. These shoes are stitched with light blue yarn (to match the dress) and have a snowflake button glued to the top. Then, to top it off, I gave Elsa a snowflake necklace complete her wintry wardrobe!

Image Of Snowflake Dress Made For Animator Elsa Doll
Here are a few last pics of the girls trimming the tree and getting ready for Christmas…Image Of Dolls Around The Christmas Tree

Well, my friends, that’s the end of our Christmas inspired fashion line-up!  I know this wasn’t a tutorial, but I hope it inspired you to sew some fun, holiday fashions for your dolls!