Our Dolls’ Christmas Fashion Show–Part One

Today we are going to have some holiday fun with a post showing off the Christmas themed dresses I made for my fairy and Disney dolls!

Let’s start with a bit of fairy finery:

My Collection Of Fairies Wearing Christmas Dresses

These two fairies may be twins, but their dresses are very different:Tinkerbell and Periwinkle dollsTink is wearing a lovely, hunter green, Christmas patterned dress; while her sister, Periwinkle, sports a wintry, snowflake schemed gown.

Rosetta And Vidia DollsVidia’s stunning, strapless dress has a red top, and a skirt covered with wreaths and bows.  However, it’s Rosetta who really steals the show!  Her gown is sewn from red, satin fabric then trimmed around the top with white, lacy ribbon, and faux fur at the bottom.

Fun Fact: I had actually made this dress for Rosetta several years ago. She can only wear it for brief periods though (like holiday photo shoots) because my cats are fascinated by the faux fur. Every time they see this dress they start searching for her (and trust me, I’ve put her in some hard to reach places) and will carry her off like a prized toy!

Marina Fairy DollElegant is the word that comes to mind when I see Marina in this blue and white, snowflake dress.  I love the colors in this fabric.  The white snowflakes against the deep, blue base are beautiful!

Fawn And Doe FairiesFinally, we have the sisters, Fawn and Doe! In case you didn’t know, both fairies are “Fawn” dolls. The doll wearing the white dress is a Fawn who was released for Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure, and the one wearing the red dress was released for Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue. Calling both dolls “Fawn” was kind confusing though, so I changed one of them to “Doe” and decided they would be sisters instead.

Doe’s dress is very CHRISTmas themed. The fabric has a red background covered with gold silhouettes of the three wise men.  It also has Bible verses relating to Christ’s birth printed on it. Fawn’s outfit is a bit more whimsical. The fabric I used has a white background with lots brightly colored Christmas gifts splashed throughout. It’s the perfect pattern for Fawn’s bubbly personality?

Now let’s see the 12″ dolls!Cinderella Wearing Snowflake DressCinderella’s dress is sewn from the same snowflake printed fabric as Periwinkle’s.

Snowflake Printed Doll Dress And Blue Doll BootsA light blue ribbon trims out the neckline, waistline, and hem of the dress.  There is a blue satin flower is sewn to the ribbon on the waistline, and check out those super cute boots! I made them after watching the Doll Uggs tutorial by My Froggy Stuff.  They are adorable!

Doesn’t Anastasia look gorgeous?  Anastasia Doll Wearing Red DressHer dress is deep red with gold leaves and poinsettias swirling about.

Lastly, we have Lady Tremaine and doesn’t she look striking!Lady Tremaine Doll Wearing Black And Red Dress  Lady Tremaine’s dress has a black background and is printed with red and gold berries.  Very rich looking indeed!

Here are few final pictures to finish off this post:Images From Our Dolly Fashion Show!

The girls had so much fun modeling their new attire!

Images Of Anastasia And Lady Tremaine In Holiday Dresses

Christmas Portrait Of Our Cinderella Dolls

Well, friends, that concludes Part One of our dolly fashion show!  Part Two (featuring the Disney Animator Dolls) will be posted soon so be sure to check back!

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment and let us know which dress you liked best.