Meet Quake–Marvel Rising Doll Review

Welcome back to another Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors doll review!  Last week we met the newest member of the Secret Warriors, Ghost-Spider.  Well, today we’re checking out the team’s leader: Daisy Johnson (aka Quake).  Doll Review: Marvel Rising Secret Identity Quake.

Daisy Johnson was another Marvel doll at the top of my wishlist; but (as you all know) my doll list is rather long, and I wasn’t ready to pay full price for her.  Luckily, I didn’t have to because Sister found both Quake and Ghost-Spider on clearance at Target.  Their original retail price is $24.99, but she found them marked down to $7.48.  Pretty good deal if you ask me!

Now, I went pretty in-depth with Ghost-Spider–the post is over 2,000 words!  So, I’m going to keep this review shorter.

The Box:

There are three versions of Daisy Johnson/Quake:

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Quake Dolls (2018).

Again, I have the Secret Identity doll.

The box has a large plastic front.  The front is mostly clear except for the cardboard cutouts at the bottom with Daisy’s name, alias (Quake), and the Marvel Rising logo.  There is also a cutout with a picture of Daisy on the left side.

Marvel Rising Doll Review: Quake.

While Gwen Stacy had a pink and teal backdrop, Daisy Johnson’s is purple and black.

On the back is a short description of Daisy.  It reads:

Description on the back of the box.

When the mission calls for a power shift, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson shakes things up as the earthquake-causing hero, Quake!

Except for the color scheme and description, Daisy’s box is identical to Gwen’s.  So, let’s go ahead and bring out the doll!

Meet Quake:

Image of Daisy talking: Hey, guys. My name is Daisy Johnson.

I’m an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., leader of an undercover superhero team called Secret Warriors, and a skilled hacker.  I’m also an Inhuman.

Image of Tinkerbell talking: Uh, excuse me. What's an Inhuman?

Inhumans are a race of humans whose ancestors were genetically modified by a group of rogue Kree warriors.  We look like ordinary people, but we’re not.  Since we have traces of Kree DNA in our makeup, Inhumans have supernatural powers.  Some shoot fire from their hands, some fly, others can melt metal–the list goes on and on.

I have Vibration Manipulation and can create earthquakes.

Quake is Marvel superheroine with the ability to create small earthquakes.

It was only after being exposed to the Terrigen Mist that I realized I had this ability.  At first, it scared me.  The earth would shake anytime I got nervous.  The higher my heart rate, the harder the earthquake.  Because I was struggling to control my powers, S.H.I.E.L.D. gave me a pair of gauntlets to limit the force of the vibrations and protect my arms.

Once, I broke both my arms after using my power without protection.

Later, once I had learned how to focus my energy, S.H.I.E.L.D upgraded my gauntlets so I could aim shockwaves better and use the full force of my power.

Now I’m head of a top-secret division of S.H.I.E.L.D. called Secret Warriors.

I don’t know much about Daisy Johnson outside of Marvel Rising, except that she is in the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  So, I did some research on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and blended bits from the series with Marvel Rising to give my doll a unique “backstory”.

Fun Fact: The actress who plays Daisy in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Chloe Bennet) also voices her in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors.

Doll Review: Meet Daisy Johnson (aka Quake) from Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors!

Secret Identity Daisy Johnson/Quake comes with:

  1. An everyday outfit (a shirt, pants, and a necklace).
  2. A superhero outfit.
  3. A pair of boots.

Like Ghost-Spider, Quake’s face has an animated appearance.  It’s rounder, and her cheeks and browline aren’t as pronounced as they would be on a doll based off a live-action character.

Here is a closer look at Quake from Hasbro's Marvel Rising doll line.

Her skin tone is very light.  There is a tiny bit of blush on her cheeks, and she doesn’t wear any eyeshadow.  Her brown eyes are glancing to the right, and she has magenta colored lips.

Quake’s hair is dark black with purple streaks throughout.  It is shorter than Ghost-Spider’s and flips to one side.

Her hair is rooted nice and thick, so there is no worry about her scalp showing.  Not only that, the back of her head is painted to match her hair color so you wouldn’t notice even if her scalp did show.

Quake is the same height as an original Barbie (11 1/2″ tall); however, her body is thicker.

Marvel Rising dolls are the same height as a Barbie.

I don’t know how Marvel Rising dolls compare to Curvy Barbies, but I’d be interested in finding out!

How Well Does She Pose?

Secret Identity Quake has the exact same level of articulation as Ghost-Spider.

Marvel Rising Secret Identity Quake has 11 points of articulation.

It’s decent, but not perfect.  Obviously, not having elbows or wrists limits her poseability.

The Adventure Action Figure dolls have articulated elbows and wrists; but, as I’ve mentioned before, their hands are painted to match their costumes which really bugs me.  I have a hard time ignoring painted hands on certain dolls.  Oddly enough, it doesn’t bother me on Ever After High.  Go figure¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

And, if you’re wondering about body swapping, Quake’s skin tone is closest to the Made-To-Move Purple Top.

The Outfit:

Marvel Rising Secret Identity Quake comes with a purple and black, everyday outfit.

Each Marvel Rising Secret Identity doll has two outfits: a casual outfit and a superhero suit.  Quake comes wearing:

  1. A jacket and shirt.
  2. A pair of pants.
  3. A necklace (not pictured).

The shirt and jacket are one piece and Velcro closed in the back.  The jacket is dark violet with elbow-length sleeves and a snakeskin-like pattern.  It is cut from non-fraying fabric, has a collar around the neck edge, and zippers printed on the front.  The shirt underneath is black and covered with a diamond print.

Quake’s pants are purple and look like worn denim.  The pants have printed details, like pockets on the sides and back, a green belt around the waist, and a buckle with Quake’s symbol at the front.

Quake’s accessory is a black necklace with a green gem at the bottom.

Unfortunately, the necklace tends to fall off.  It stays on better than Ghost-Spider’s but not well enough for me to leave it on all the time.  So, into the doll jewelry box it goes!  (Yes, my dolls have their own jewelry box?).

When it’s time to shake things up, Quake dons her superhero costume so she can withstand the energy surging through her.

Marvel Rising Secret Identity Quake also comes with her superhero suit.

The suit is one piece and Velcros in the back.  It is black with silver, purple, and teal details.

There is a belt and pouch printed around the waist, a silver pouch on the right leg, and Quake’s gauntlets printed on the end of each sleeve.

The suit also has Quake’s symbol on the front of the belt and each arm.

Lastly, we have the boots.

Quake’s boots are black.  They have straps with buckles molded around the top and down the front.  The sides are textured, and there is a gap in the back so removing them is easy.

Since Quake’s boots have a heel, balancing her is a little more difficult.  It’s not impossible–she just doesn’t stand as well as Ghost-Spider.

Of all the Marvel Rising dolls, Quake’s outfit is probably the simplest.  Still, it looks fantastic. I especially like the printed details.  The colors are crisp, and the lines around her belts and pockets are nice and sharp.

My only gripe is her not having a pair of gauntlets.  I know there is printing at the end of the suit’s sleeve to indicate she is wearing them, but it would’ve been nice to have something that slid over her hands.

Final Thoughts:

Again, I’m thrilled to add more Marvel characters to my doll collection!

My Marvel Doll Collection: Captain Marvel, Ghost-Spider, and Quake.

While I don’t read Quake’s comics or watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I like her in Marvel Rising.  She’s a loyal friend, serious but not humorless, and strives to do what is right.  I particularly like her reluctance to judge someone before seeing all the facts.

The lack of articulation on these Secret Identity dolls is disappointing, but something I’m willing to live with to avoid painted hands.

Marvel Rising dolls: Quake and Ghost-Spider.

In summary, I still very much enjoy my Marvel Rising girls and think they have a ton of potential.  Yes, some areas need tweaking, but Hasbro is known for improving their products each year.  Because of that, I’m excited to see where the line goes.  I’m hoping for new dolls with more upper body articulation and unpainted hands!  Fingers crossed?!

Now it’s your turn!

Thank you all for joining me in another marvelous review (pun intended?).  As always, feel free to leave a comment sharing your thoughts, and I’ll see you next time for more doll fun!