Unboxing L.O.L Suprise Dolls–Winter Disco Series.

I’m a sucker for surprise toys. Always have been and (probably) always will be. There’s something exciting about revealing the little mysteries inside and hunting for those elusive, ultra-rare pieces.

So how on earth have L.O.L dolls, the most popular surprise toy for the last three years, escaped me? The answer? I have no idea. It’s not like I don’t know they exist. They are all over YouTube and Instagram! I suppose I just always had bigger fish to fry–or more expensive dolls to buy?.

Well, that’s changing right now because we’re about to unbox one of the hottest toy lines to date: L.O.L Surprise.

L.O.L Surprise Review: Winter Disco Series.

Confession: I just found out that L.O.L Surprise stands for “Little Outrageous Little Surprise” and not “Laugh Out Loud Surprise.” Clearly, I know nothing about these dolls and had to do some research for this review. A few other interesting facts I found while reading about L.O.Ls are:

  • They were inspired by unboxing videos on YouTube: The founder of MGA, Isaac Larian, came up with the idea for L.O.L Surprise dolls after watching toy unboxings on YouTube late one night.
  • They were an instant success: L.O.Ls have been a top-selling toy since their debut in December 2016. In fact, Target sold out within weeks of receiving their first shipment.
  • The L.O.L world is always expanding: Besides the original tots, you can also get babies (called Lils), boy dolls, pets, houses, and lots of cool accessories (like a car!). The most recent additions to the L.O.L universe are the L.O.L OMG fashion dolls. These girls stand about 10″ tall and are big sisters to all the other L.O.Ls.
  • Collectors of all ages love L.O.Ls: Both kid and adult toy collectors are crazy about these doe-eyed cuties!

Since I’m a newbie to the L.O.L community, I decided to start with two small dolls from the only series Walmart had in stock: The Winter Disco Series.

Reviewing L.O.L Winter Disco Surprise Dolls.

The big surprise ball is called a “Glitter Globe” and has a tot inside. The other is a L.O.L Lils, and it has either a baby or a pet. I paid about $10 for the Glitter Globe and $6 for the little one.

Both balls have a cartoon of a L.O.L character with speech bubbles encouraging you to open your new friend on the front, and on the backs are lists of the included accessories.

Image of L.O.L Suprise doll globes.

Let’s start by opening the Glitter Globe. Now, where’s my unboxing partner?

Image of Tink: Here I am!

Opening the L.O.L Surprise Glitter Globe:

There is a perforated zipper on one side of the globe. Just pull down the zipper to unwrap the first layer of plastic.

Unwrapping L.O.L Surprise Package.

It’s the clue to who’s inside! Let’s see what it says.

Image of Tink holding L.O.L Surprise clue.

Hmmm, two bags plus a box with a bow—is it Shopathon? Giving Gifts?

Image of Tink holding clue.

I never would’ve guessed that. I wonder if it means our babe likes to shop?

Under the second layer of plastic is a tissue-filled globe.

Front of Glitter Globe.

This globe is translucent purple. The front resembles a diamond, and the back is smooth. There is a note stuck to the top warning not to pull the plug at the bottom or glitter will fall out.

L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco Globe.

Alright, let’s pop this ball open and see our surprises!

Thankfully, there was no glitter explosion. The sparkly flecks are sealed between the walls of the globe and can’t fall out (unless, of course, you pull out the plug?).

Opening L.O.L Winter Disco Globe.

Inside the tissue were six pink bags, a clear stand, a set of instructions, and a Collector’s Guide.

L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco Bags.

The instruction booklet is fairly long and shows how to dunk the doll in water to cause a color change, fill the plastic container with water to turn it into a shimmering snow globe, and how to make a giant snowman using the different globes from this series (Glitter Globe, Fluffy Pets, and Lil’ Sisters).

L.O.L Winter Disco doll instructions.

It also shows how to fill your doll’s bottle with water and feed her. I read that L.O.L dolls will either cry, spit, or pee after drinking their bottle. It looks like ours spits.

Here is the Collector’s Guide with pictures of all the dolls in this wave.

L.O.L Winter Disco Glitter Globe Collector Guide.

The dolls in this series are fabulous (aka common), rare, or ultra-rare. I think Tinsel, On Pointe, and Sleigh Babe look adorable. Fingers crossed we get one of those three?.

Hey, you never know–I might get lucky.

Now let’s see what’s inside those pretty pink bags!

Bag Number 1:

Inside our first bag is:

L.O.L Winter Disco Review (Bag 1).

A clear doll stand.

Bag Number 2:

Our second bag has:

L.O.L Surprise Bagr\ 2: Doll Shoes,

It’s a pair of gold booties with white socks. I’m not sure what the peaks on the toes are, but I’m guessing they are bows since our clue was “shopping for presents” and presents and bows kind of go hand-in-hand. Either that or they’re cat ears.

N.Y.Q.T, Prezzie, and Tinsel all have gold shoes, but Prezzie is the only one with white socks. (Darn! I was really pulling for Tinsel).

Bag Number 3:

Hidden inside our third bag is:

L.O.L Winter Disco Doll Purse.

A purse.

The purse is black, covered with glitter, and has a gold ribbon painted around it. There is a handle at the top so the doll can hold it, and the bottom is flat.

Bag Number 4:

Our next surprise is:

L.O.L Winter Disco Doll Bottle.

A bottle.

Our tot’s bottle is gold with a black cap. It has the words “Baby” and “Goo-goo” printed on the front and a handle on the side. The bottle is shaped like a mason jar, which I think is super cute.

Bag Number 5:

Our fifth and final accessory is:

L.O.L Winter Disco Doll Outfit.

A glitzy black dress with a gold bow on the front.

The dress is flexible plastic, a lot like a Fashion Polly (or Polly Pocket) outfit. At this point, I think we can safely assume we’re getting Prezzie. She’s the only one with this much black and gold.

Bag Number 6:

Friends, meet our L.O.L Surprise Tot:

L.O.L Winter Disco Surprise Reveal: Prezzie.


Yep, L.O.L dolls come without a stitch of clothing. Good thing we have her outfit ready.

Here is Prezzie, all dressed and ready to meet the world.

L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco Prezzie.

She has gold stockings with black stripes painted on her legs and comes with a light pink pacifier in her mouth. Her eyes are a shimmery copper color, and her lips are pink.

Close look at L.O.L Winter Disco Prezzie.

Prezzie’s hair is shaped in a bow.  Her hair completely clear and is filled with what looks like gold sequins. If you turn her upside down, you can hear the sequins rustling inside her head.

Prezzie does have some paint defects around her lips.

Paint defect.

Paint misapplications are common with surprise toys, probably because they are so small. Lucky for us, they’re fixable. We just need a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning paint mishap on L.O.L doll.

Tada! No more messy makeup!

Do you know what else I just learned about L.O.L dolls?  They’re poseable! I didn’t realize this until I started fiddling with Prezzie’s legs and arms.

L.O.L Surprise Tots have 5 points of articulation.

Prezzie can turn and tilt her head, rotate her arms, and swing her legs forward and backward. That’s a good amount of movement for such a small doll!

Now let’s head over to the sink and see if Prezzie changes colors and also how this Glitter Globe works.

Spit + Sparkle + Swirl:

As we already know, Prezzie is a spitter.

Stop that, Tink! (Cruel fairy?).

As I was saying, we just need to fill her bottle with water, feed her the water, then squeeze her head to see this unique talent in action.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the spitting feature. Getting all the water out wasn’t easy. I had to squeeze her head quite hard and accidentally popped it off. Even though this may be completely normal, her head is pretty loose now and falls off anytime I turn it too quickly–something it didn’t do before feeding her all that water. No doubt this is Prezzie’s first and last time spitting.

Before we dry her off, let’s see if we can get her to change colors. I’m using ice water here since the picture on the instructions shows ice cubes floating around the doll.

L.O.L Color Change Test.

Hmm, nothing happened?

After re-reading the directions, I realized I needed to fill Prezzie’s head with water, not just dunk her in it. Doing this caused the sequins to float around inside her hair, but that was it. There was no significant color change. So, I squirted all the water back out, dried poor Prezzie off, and moved on to the Glitter Globe.

Because I only have one Glitter Globe, I can’t build the giant snowman; however, we can still check out the snow globe feature. We just need to unplug the plastic cork at the bottom and fill the globe’s smooth half with water.

l.O.L Surprise Winter Disco Series Review.

There is some dye mixed in with the glitter, and the dye tints the water to match the globe. Honestly, the “sparkling snow globe” was a bit underwhelming, especially since the glitter doesn’t stay suspended for very long. It swirls around for a few seconds but then settles to the bottom. Also, it’s a one-time-use kind of thing. You eventually have to pour the water out and, when you do, all the dye and glitter wash away.

So, I got distracted playing with the Glitter Globe (maybe those water features aren’t so boring after all?) and completely forgot about our L.O.L Lils! I better go back and open the poor baby (or pet) before my toy obsessed cat finds it and bats it under a piece of furniture.

Opening The L.O.L Surprise Lils Globe:

The L.O.L Lils Globe looks like a tiny version of a Glitter Globe. It has a pink-haired L.O.L drawn on the front and a list of the possible surprises inside on the back.

Tink holding clue.

Want to know what it means? Click below to see:

Show me the answer!

Havin' A Movie Night.

This time we uncovered a blue globe. It’s shaped just like the Glitter Globe, with a diamond-esque front and smooth back; however, the smooth section does not have glitter inside.

L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco Globe Comparison.

Here are all the pieces from inside the ball.

L.O.L Surprise Lils Winter Disco bags.

The Lils globe came with a sheet of stickers, which I’m setting aside for now because they’re for making the face of the giant L.O.L snowman. We also have two clear stands (one for the globe and one for the doll), a sheet of instructions, a Collector’s guide, and (most importantly) three pink baggies.

Before opening the bags, let’s take a quick glance at the Collector’s Guide (we’ll skip the instructions).

L.O.L Surprise Lils Winter Disco Collector's Guide.

The Lils collection has both dolls and pets, and the categories are popular, fancy, rare, or ultra-rare. Everyone on this list is pretty cute, but I’m really hoping to get The Kitten. Alas, she’s rare, so chances of finding her are slim.

To help speed things along and keep this review from becoming a novel, I’m going to skip the whole opening process and just show you which Lil I got (it wasn’t The Kitten?).

Yes, our L.O.L baby is Lil Swag Boi.

I won’t deny there was a pang of disappointment when I realized who was in the bag. Not that I don’t like Swag Boi. He’s cute. He’s just not my first pick. But hey, not always getting what you want is part of the game. It also makes finding those special characters you do want all the more exciting.

Lil Swag Boi’s accessories are a large tote bag and a pair of glasses.

Lil Swag Boi Accessories.

These accessories are way too big for Mr. Swag, so I guess they’re for his big sister who, in this case, is Prezzie.

L.O.L Surprise Prezzie with glasses.
Nice shades!
Final Thoughts:

I can see why L.O.L Surprises are so popular. They’re fun to unwrap and come with a nice array of accessories.

L.O.L Surprise Winter Disco Doll Review.

The globes are fun to open, and I like how they act as a stand afterward. You can even stack several together to make a giant display.

Yes, I think some of the water aspects are pointless (seriously, dolls don’t need to cry, spit, or pee to be cute), but young collectors may find it more appealing than I do.

L.O.L Winter Disco Doll Prezzie.

My only serious hesitation about these dolls is the price. In the realm of surprise toys, $10 is a lot, especially when there’s a huge chance of getting duplicates. This is the only thing that would keep me from collecting more of the tots.

L.O.L Surprise Lil Winter Disco Lil Swag Boi.

However, I’m not opposed to checking out some of the playsets. The furniture playsets are about $5 more, but they come with an exclusive doll so you’re guaranteed not to get a double.

Now it’s your turn!

Who’s your favorite L.O.L character? Are any of you going to get the latest Neon Lights collection? I’m not sure if I will. Then again, I’m not standing in the store holding their box yet (that always changes things?).


  1. Omg! you did it I’m so happy I got Lil prom prieses (i cant spell!) adn we have Bashful (aka Ora we rename them) and NY(E?)QT. there cute right? i hope you get some Omgs!!!!

    luv jj

    1. Author

      Yes, they are super cute. I’m sure I’ll end up with an OMG at some point too.

      1. Yay!! I cant wate ro se witch one you get. I think you should get Grovey Babe! I can see you haveing her.
        Ps. I have a “Doc” that we use as a Blog My sister and I. We were wondring if we could share it with you sence I cant have a Real blog for youe doll dictory. (still cant spell! .>.<.)

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