The Hunt For Ever After High: Sugar-Coated Holly O'Hair.

Darn it!  My blogging schedule has been completely thrown off.  I was in the writing groove and doing well posting once a week when it happened: INFINITY WAR!  (I warned you about my fangirl tendencies?).Read The Post

Doll Review: Dexter Charming And Nina Thumbell Feature Image

It’s a challenge I suppose every collector faces: How to nab that special trinket without spending an arm and a leg. The closer I come to completing my Ever After High collection, the more I find myself encountering this particular situation.Read The Post

Doll Finds At Tuesday Morning And Amazon

Wow!  I think I need to preface this post by saying that when I mentioned collecting all the characters from Ever After High, I was mostly joking.  My wish list really only included:Read The Post

Doll Review: Cerise Hood from Ever After High

Since it’s now fall of 2017, and we haven’t seen any new merchandise, many fans are speculating that Ever After High is being discontinued.  Besides not having any new dolls (not even budget ones), they were not at this year’s Toy Fair, and the Netflix series has been canceled.Read The Post