Blind Bag Friday!

I hope you’re ready to have some fun because today is blind bag day!  That’s right, and I am super excited because we are going to open nine

My Little Pony Blind Bags!

My Little Pony Blind Bag Review

I found these blind bags at Michael’s Craft Store, and I think they were about $3 each.  To be honest, I’ve had these blind bags for several months but wanted to catch up on some of my other reviews before opening them.  So, the reason I can’t remember the exact price is because they have sat on my dresser waiting for some time.

These blind bags are Wave 20 from the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Blind Bag Series.

Front Of My Little Pony Blind Bag

The front of the bag says there are 24 ponies for us to collect and inside we should find:

1. A pony

2. A collector card

When we were young, Sister and I had a huge collection of My Little Ponies.  Seriously, we had a lot of ponies and would play with them for hours every day.  But, after several moves and a tragic accident involving a mix up of bags holding toys we were keeping and toys we were donating, most of those ponies have been lost.

The few that managed to survive our childhood are:

My Little Pony G3 Collection.

These ponies are special to me because they hold so many precious memories.  Thistle Whistle is my favorite!

But enough with nostalgia…let’s open these blind bags!

I snipped off the top of the bag and pulled only the collector card out so we could look at all the ponies in the series before seeing which one we got.

My Little Pony Blind Bag Opening And Review.
Look at all those adorable ponies!

My Little Pony Blind Bag Collector Card.
Sadly, I don’t recognize any of them.  The ponies Sister and I had were G3 ponies.  Back then Rainbow Dash was an earth pony, Rarity was pink, and I don’t remember there being any alicorns.
My Little Pony Apple Jack Clip Art

While I sometimes miss the old ponies, I ultimately love that Hasbro keeps the line alive by introducing new characters (and you thought I was a permanent Hasbro hater?).

My new favorite pony is none other than Apple Jack!  But it doesn’t look like she is in this wave.  Bummer?.


Oh well.  Let’s go ahead and see who’s hiding inside these blind bags!

Blind Bag 1–Janine Manewitz:

My Little Pony Mini Figure: Janine Manewitz.

Inside our first bag is a pony named Janine Manewitz.  Janine Manewitz is magenta colored, has a yellow mane and tail, and a pair of purple glasses painted around her eyes.

Janine Manewitz with Collector Card.

According to her card, Janine Manewitz and her friend, Joan Pommelway, like to get together and share hot chocolate.

Wait a minute…is her cutie mark a feathered pen?

Janine Manewitz has a feather pen Cutie Mark.

It is a feathered pen!  Janine Manewitz must be a writer!  Maybe she’s the Jane Austen of Ponyville?  Wouldn’t that be awesome!

Doll Photo Story: Tink Holding Janine Manewitz Pony

Tink wait!  You can’t have everything that’s small and cute!

Doll Photo Story: Tinkerbell Doll And MLP Pony

I knew I should have thought twice before agreeing to that.  Okay, fine.  You can have the ponies BUT you’ll have to take care of them.  That means giving them food, water, shelter…you get what I’m saying.

Doll Photo Story: Tink Holding My Little Pony Figure

If you say so…

Alright, let’s open the next blind bag.

Blind Bag 2–Pegasus Olsen:

My Little Pony Blind Bag: Pegasus Olsen.

Oh my, isn’t she a cutie!  This pretty pony is called Pegasus Olsen.

MLP Pegasus Olsen Pony.

Pegasus Olsen is a cream-colored pony with a brown mane and tail.  She also wears an orange hat between her ears, and her card says that she and Janine Manewitz both have fun jobs.

It looks like Pegasus Olsen’s cutie mark is a typewriter so I’m guessing she’s a typist?  But her hat looks kind of like a nurse’s cap so this pony’s occupation has me a little perplexed?

MLP Pegasus Olsen Cutie Mark.

Well, regardless of whether she works at the hospital or the newsroom, she’s a sweet looking pony and I think it’s so cute that she and Janine Manewitz are friends!

Janine Manewitz And Pegasus Olsen.

Blind Bag 3–Berry Preppy:

My Little Pony Blind Bag: Berry Preppy.

A perky pony named Berry Preppy came trotting out of our third blind bag.  Berry Preppy is white with a purple mane and tail.  Her cutie mark is a cluster of fruit.

Berry Preppy Pony And Collector Card.

According to the card, this pony is a trendsetter who likes to share the latest fashions with her friend, Neigh Sayer.

Blind bag 4–Levon Song:

My Little Pony Blind Bag: Levon Song.

This bag held the music-loving pony, Levon Song.  Levon Song is grey/beige (also known as grullo in the equestrian world). He has a pair of glasses painted around his eyes and two music notes for a cutie mark.

My Little Pony Mini Figure Levon Song with Collector Card.

His card says that he and another pony named B. Sharp are big music fans…although, I think we could have figured that one out on our own.

Bind Bag 5–Business Savvy:

My Little Pony Blind Bag: Business Savy.

My, doesn’t he look serious!

My Little Pony Mini Figure: Business Savvy.

Business Savvy is the name of this no-nonsense looking pony.  Business Savvy is a white pony with a black mane and tail.  His cutie mark is a brown fedora.  Even though he is smiling, Business Savvy has quite a stern expression.

Business Savvy And Collector Card

The card says that he and Pegasus Olsen have fun working together.

Hmm…I wonder what they work on?  Maybe Pegasus Olsen is his secretary?

Business Savy And Pegasus Olsen Ponies.

So far, we’ve opened five blind bags and haven’t gotten any duplicate ponies.

My Little Pony Blind Bags (Wave 20).

Let’s open bag number six and hope our good luck keeps up!

Blind Bag 6–Luckette:

My Little Pony Blind Bag: Luckette.

Well isn’t she a jolly little pony!  This pony’s name is Luckette.

Luckette is a lavender pony with a pale-yellow mane that is molded into loose curls.  Her cutie mark is a couple of cute horseshoes that are linked together.

My Little Pony Mini Figure: Luckette.

According to the card, Luckette and her friend, Mare E. Belle, are avid hat collectors.

Luckette Pony And Collector Card.

I think Luckette is adorable!  Her expression is so cheery and happy that I can’t help smiling when I see her!

Blind Bag 7–Mare E. Lynn:

My Little Pony Blind Bag: Mare E. Lynn.

Meet Mare E. Lynn!  I thought Luckette was as cute as it could get, but I was obviously wrong.  Mare E. Lynn’s big grin and bright colors are irresistible!

MLP Mini Figure: Mare E. Lynn

This pony has a bright turquoise body with a lemony colored mane and tail.

My Little Pony: Mare E. Lynn (side view).

Oh, look…she has the same cutie mark as Luckette: two linked horseshoes.

That’s odd, isn’t it?  I thought each pony had her own unique cutie mark.  Does this mean Mare E. Lynn and Luckette are twins?

The card says that Mare E. Lynn likes to wear super cute hats and bows.

Mare E. Lynn Pony And Collector Card.

What?  Another hat loving pony?  Didn’t Luckette’s card say something about hats?

My Little Pony Collector Cards Image

Yep, both Mare E. Lynn and Luckette have a hat fetish.  At this point, I’m pretty sure these two ponies are twins.  Same cutie mark, same interests, and same expressive personalities.

My Little Pony Collector Cards Image.

Now, let’s see what secret bag number eight holds.

Blind Bag 8–Mare E. Belle:

My Little Pony Blind Bag: Mare E. Belle.

It’s Luckette’s friend, Mare E. Belle!

My Little Pony Figure: Mare E. Belle.

Mare E. Belle is a yellow pony with a bright red mane and tail.  She has three bows on her flank for a cutie mark.

Since she is rearing, I was a little worried that this pony would have a hard time standing on her own, but she doesn’t.  Mare E. Belle stands just fine on two hooves!

Mare E. Belle Pony.

Her card says that she and her friend Mare E. Lynn love beautiful accessories.

Mare E. Belle Pony And Collector Card.

If Luckette and Mare E. Lynn are sisters, I guess it would make sense that Mare E. Belle would be friends with both.  Who knows, maybe all three like to go hang out at the mall together!

My Little Pony Image With Mall Background

Well, friends, it’s time to see who is inside the last blind bag.

Blind Bag 9–Don Neigh:

My Little Pony Blind Bag: Don Neigh.

It’s a pony named Don Neigh!  Don Neigh has a yellow body with a red mane and tail.

My Little Pony Mini Figure: Don Neigh.

Um…I guess his cutie mark is a cluster of grapes?  What do grapes have to do with the name Don Neigh?

Let’s see if his card has some helpful info about his name and cutie mark.

Don Neigh Pony And Collector Card

The card says that Don Neigh and a filly named Pursey Pink have cool city style.  I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time connecting grapes with “cool city style”.  Shouldn’t he have a fashion-related cutie mark like a black tie or some diamonds?

Well, guys and gals, that’s it!  We’ve opened all nine bags!

Ponies From My Little Pony Blind Bags

We’ve opened all the bags, have nine of the cutest new ponies, and didn’t get a single duplicate.  I’d say that’s a pretty successful blind bag haul.

What’s my opinion of these ponies?

They are ADORABLE!  I love them!

My Little Pony Mini Figures: Mare E. Belle and Luckette.

Are they one hundred percent perfect?  No.  Their cutie marks could be more interesting and the collector cards could have a better bio.

My Little Pony Mini Figures: Janine Manewitz and Berry Preppy.

However, these ponies are also less than $5 and it’s pretty hard to find a fun toy for that price.

My Little Pony Mini Figures: Mare E. Belle and Mare E. Lynn.

While they’re not perfect, they are cute, inexpensive, and great knickknacks for 18-inch dolls…or 4-inch fairies.

Speaking of which, it’s time for Tink to come round-up her colorful steeds!

Doll Photo Story: Tink Talking To Ponies

Don’t forget, these ponies need food, water, shelter, blankets, daily exercise, carrots…am I leaving anything out?

Aw thanks, Tinkerbell!

Doll Photo Story: Tinkerbell Outside With Ponies.

Well, I guess she does have it under control.  Who knew my little tinker fairy was such a horsewoman!

I sure hope you enjoyed opening these My Little Pony Blind bags with us.  Which one was your favorite?  Or do you prefer a character from the Mane Six?


  1. This is killing me, how don’t you recognize these are mad men references.

    1. Author

      Yeeps! They are Mad Men ponies! I had no idea they were named after a TV series. I knew there were Easter eggs in the My Little Pony episodes (like when Rainbow Dash calls herself “your friendly neighborhood Rainbow Dash”), but I’ve never seen Mad Men so that one went right over my head!

  2. I think the three Cutie Mark Crusaders all have the same cutie mark, because their job is helping other people find their cutie marks. I would have to check with my MLP expert, my 19-year-old daughter, to be sure.

    1. Author

      I am still on season 3 of the My Little Pony episodes so I have no idea if the Cutie Mark Crusaders have the same mark or not, but I’d love to know.

  3. Awesome review, Paradise Pink and Tink!:) I really like the serious looking pony “Business Savvy” I think is his name? (and I could imagine him as a detective or spy.) I also like Janine Manewitz, I think she would be a perfect writer.

    1. Author

      I’m glad you liked the review! Yes, Business Savvy is the serious pony. I like his austere look too because it makes it seem like he’s deep in thought. I could totally see him being a detective?️!

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