Blind Bag Friday: Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts

Meet the latest additions to the Cabbage Patch Kid community:

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts! 

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts Mini Figures from Wicked Cool Toys.

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts are tiny figures resembling the soft-bodied dolls many of us grew up with.

Though I missed the Cabbage Patch chaos of the eighties, these classic collectibles are still popular and were one of my favorite playthings when I was a youngster.  Even now, two of these one-of-a-kind dollies sit nearby waiting for me to notice and give them new outfits.

Image of my Cabbage Patch Kids.
Don’t worry, girls! You’ll get new dresses soon!

Since I have many nostalgic memories of my Cabbage Patch family, I was interested in reviewing the new Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts and thought they would make a perfect a Blind Bag Friday post!

Blind Bag Friday: Unboxing Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts Blind Bags!

Back in April, Sister and I visited the only Toys R Us in our area before it closed.  We wanted to savor walking through an actual toy store one last time but also hoped to find some good deals.  While the sales weren’t great, we did bring home a few fun goodies.  Sister got her own Madame Alexander Fan Girl, and I found these Little Sprouts Blind Packs!

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts Blind Packs.

Most of Toys R Us’ items had a measly discount of 30% off, but these blind packs were marked 70% off!  So, I snagged six and brought them home to open later.

Image of Tinkerbell with speech bubble.

It is!  But that’s changing today because we’re going to free the tiny cuties and see which mini figures are inside!

Who's hiding inside these mystery packs?

The Packaging:

Little Sprouts are Cabbage Patch inspired micro figures manufactured by Wicked Cool Toys.  They were released in 2017 and are available in 4-pack sets, 8-pack sets, whole playsets, or (my favorite)


The blind packs look like small green cabbages and retail for about $6.00 each; however, I paid only $1.80 per cabbage thanks to the sale.

These Little Sprout blind packs are from Series One.  According to the label, there are 120 different “sprouts” to collect, and hiding inside each cabbage is either a kid or a baby plus a pet.

CPK Blind Pack Label.

The cabbages are a just under 2-inches tall so whoever’s inside must be really tiny!

Each Little Sprout blind pack is almost 2-inches tall.

Time to open cabbage number one!

Blind Cabbage One:

Inside cabbage number one is…

A kid!

Let's check out the Collector's Guide and see what her name is.

It looks like this is Joelle Indie.  She is the first figure listed in the catalog.

Little Sprouts Mini Figure: Joelle Indie.

Joelle has blue eyes and blonde hair that is pulled up in a side ponytail.  She wears pink overalls over a purple shirt and has a pair of matching pink shoes.

Her outfit is nicely sculpted, and her face has the adorable Cabbage Patch Kid look we all love.

Joelle can turn her head to the right, but her ponytail prevents her from turning it to the left.  Her legs rotate forward so she can sit down.

I tried positioning her legs apart as if she were walking, but it didn’t last long.  They eventually crept back together.  I believe this is because her legs rotate around the same peg instead of being individually hinged.  Basically, she can sit with both legs together but can’t kick one to the front or back–and definitely can’t do the splits!  Still, that’s a decent amount of movement for such a small figure!

Speaking of small, these mini figures are about 1 1/2″ tall (at least the kids are).  Usually, Tink is the tiniest doll in the room, but she looks like a giant compared to itsy-bitsy Joelle.

Little Sprouts figures are about 1 1/2" tall.

Now we can check Joelle off the guide and move on to pack number two!

Blind Cabbage Two:

It's a baby and a pet!

Cabbage number two held a baby sprout and a puppy!  I wonder what their names are?

It looks like the baby is Lillian Mabel, and her pet is the dog, Jasper.

Lillian Mabel has green eyes and orangey-red hair tied into two short pigtails.  She is wearing a blue onesie.  Lillian also has a smidge of articulation and can swing her legs forward to sit down.

Little Sprout Blind Pack: Lillian Mabel.

Her pet puppy, Jasper, is mostly brown with a white patch over his left eye.

Little Sprout Pet: Jasper.

He has a pink, heart-shaped tag on his chest, pink paw pads, and you can see a tiny pink tongue sticking out of his mouth.  Jasper comes sitting down and is not articulated.

Now, if you thought Joelle Indie was tiny, get ready because Lillian Mabel is even tinier!  She stands a mere one inch tall, and Jasper is barely a half an inch tall.

These Little Sprouts are about an inch tall.

I am using Jasper to prop Lillian up in these photos.  The kid sprouts can stand on their own, but the babies need some support.

Here are Lillian and Jasper compared to Joelle and to Tinkerbell.

Little Sprout Baby And Pet Height Comparison.

You can see the top of Lillian’s head is almost even with Joelle’s shoulders.

You know, these Little Sprouts make cute babies for mini dolls.

Well, I think the scale is a little off…but, yes, you could certainly use them to expand your mini doll families.

While I didn’t find any flaws with Joelle Indie, Lillian Mabel isn’t so lucky.  She has blue paint splotches on her left hand and chin.

Paint spot on Little Sprouts baby.

I used a little nail polish remover to erase the spot on Lillian’s hand.

A little nail polish remover erased the paint splotch.

Unfortunately, the Q-tip didn’t fit between her neck and shoulders, so Lillian still has a blue dot on her chin.  You can’t see it, though, unless you turn her over and look a right at her neckline, so I’m not too bothered by it.

Alright, we’ve opened two cabbages and already found a kid, a baby, and a pet.

Now let's see who's inside cabbage number three!

Blind Cabbage Three:

Inside cabbage number three is…

A double!

Well, that’s the risk with blind bags and boxes–sometimes you get twins.

Cabbage number three held another Joelle Indie; however, she isn’t identical to the first.  If you look closely, you’ll see that her eyes are slightly different.

So, on the bright side, at least we can tell the two sprouts apart.

Yeah, that's great. But let's open cabbage number four.

Blind Cabbage Four:

This time we have…

Another baby and a pet!

It looks like this Little Sprout is Kelly Jeannine.

Tinkerbell checking off collector guide.

Kelly Jeannine is a baby sprout.  She has blue eyes and a brown tuft of hair on top of her head.  Kelly is wearing purple pajamas that cover her arms, legs, and feet.

Cabbage Patch Little Sprout Baby: Kelly Jeannine.

It looks like she has the same face and body sculpt as Lillian Mabel, and she is also able to sit down.

Her pup, Auggie, is black with a brown muzzle and brown spots around his eyes.

Little Sprouts Pet: Auggie.

At first I thought Auggie and Jasper had matching molds, but they don’t!  While they’re both sitting down with their mouths open, Jasper has one ear cocked back and Auggie’s muzzle is rounder.

Little Sprouts Puppies: Jasper and Auggie.

So we have Joelle, Lillian, Joelle 2, and Kelly; and two pets, Jasper and Auggie.

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts Mini Figures.

Let’s find out which sprout is hiding inside cabbage number five!

Blind Cabbage 5:

Tinkerbell opening blind box: Please don't be a double.

Hooray!  It’s not a double–it’s another baby sprout and pet!

Tinkerbell: Wow. Talk about a baby boom!

This is Carmella Heather and her cat, Bailey.

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts: Carmella Heather and Bailey the cat.

Carmella has brown eyes and no hair.  She is wearing a yellow shirt with ruffled sleeves and a white diaper.

Little Sprout: Carmella Heather.

Like the other babies, Carmella has articulated legs and a happy grin.

Her pet, Bailey, is a white cat.  Bailey has blue eyes, white fur, and bright pink paw pads.  There is a heart-shaped tag on her neck and her mouth is slightly open just like the puppies’.

Little Sprout Pet: Bailey.

Bailey also comes sitting down, but she definitely has a different sculpt.  The puppies have ears that hang down, round snouts, and short tails, but Bailey has triangular ears, a pointed nose, and her tail is larger.

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts Pets.

The paint application on Carmella and Bailey is quite good; however, Carmella has an obvious seam around her head and arms.

Image showing seam on Carmella.

I don’t know if all bald Little Sprouts have such a pronounced seam, but I wish Carmella’s wasn’t so visible.

Blind Cabbage Six:

This is it, guys. The last cabbage.

Is it a double? There's only one way to find out!

Our last Little Sprout is Emma Julia!

Opening Cabbage Patch Blind Pack Six.

Tinkerbell and Emma Julia.

Emma Julia is a kid sprout.  She has blue eyes, brown hair, and two high ponytails on top of her head.

Cabbage Patch Little Sprout: Emma Julia.

She wears a purple shirt, a pink skirt that looks like a tutu (at least to me), and purple shoes.  Emma’s smile isn’t as wide as Joelle Indie’s, so I think Emma and Joelle have different face sculpts.

Emma Julia can turn her head from side to side and swivel at the waist but that’s it.  She can’t sit down like her friends since her legs aren’t hinged.

Personally, I prefer hinged legs over the waist swivel.  Emma is already able to turn her head so turning at the waist seems redundant.  Plus, I like it when the figures can sit down.

Tinkerbell Talking: Here is our opinion of these blind bags.

Final Thoughts:

First, let’s talk about the packaging.  Little Sprouts have some nifty containers!  They go right along with the Cabbage Patch Kid theme of a magical land where babies are born from cabbages.

Not only that, you can keep the plastic cabbages and use them to hold your sprouts.  The only thing to throw away is a piece of plastic wrap!

As for the figures, they are as cute as it gets.  Even in this minuscule form, they echo the simple, yet captivating Cabbage Patch Kid features we all love!  Yes, a couple of the babies had defects; but I imagine it’s difficult to get every detail perfect on such a little figure, so I try not to be too critical.

Cabage Patch Little Sprouts Mini Figures.

The amount of articulation these figures have is also impressive.  Most mini figures don’t have any articulation, but these can turn their heads, move their legs, or twist at the waist depending on the kid.

Little Sprouts also offer a variety of surprises.  With My Little Pony blind bags, you know you’re getting a single pony and paperboard card, but with Little Sprouts, you don’t know if you’re getting a kid or a baby with a pet.

Not only that, Little Sprouts boast 120 different figures, which means a better chance of getting something unique…at least it should.

This brings me to my only complaint–DOUBLES!

Image of Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts babies.

I know, I know…everyone who collects blind bags ends up with doubles and sometimes triples.  The difference here is that these blind packs cost about $6.00 each.

I can get a Shopkins or My Little Pony blind bag for less than $4.  Since I didn’t pay very much, finding a double isn’t a big deal.  But, because these packs cost more, getting the same Little Sprout multiple times is discouraging.

Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts with Shopkins playset.

So, I guess I’ll end this review by saying I love the Cabbage Patch charm of these mini figures but am worried they are too pricey for a blind box.  Still, I’d like to give these packs one more chance before deeming them “too risky to buy”

Now, it’s your turn!

What do you think about these Little Sprouts?  Do you consider $6.00 too much for a blind box?  Share your thoughts in the comment section, and I’ll see you next time for some more doll fun!

Tinkerbell With Little Sprout Mini Figures.


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