A Special Surprise–Disney Animators’ Collection Littles Playsets!

Last week I received a very special gift…

…TWO Disney Animators’ Collection Micro Playsets!

Disney Animators Collection Mini Figure Review.

Aren’t they absolutely adorable!  Just look at those tiny figures?

I’ve seen these playsets before on Amazon and had seriously considering buying one; however, it’s a good thing I didn’t because last week a dear friend surprised me with a couple for my birthday.  And the playsets she picked out couldn’t have been better–Tinker Bell and Frozen! The playsets came in a square box decorated with drawings of the characters as toddlers.

Disney Animators Mini Figure Frozen Playset.

Disney Animators Mini Figures Tinker Bell Playset.

The boxes say, “Disney Animators’ Collection Littles” on the front with the name of the playset (“Elsa Micro Playset” or “Tinker Bell Micro Playset“) written beneath.  On the back is a brief description that reads:

Celebrating the heritage of Disney Animation with the Disney Animators’ Collection.  Created under the guidance of Disney’s most renowned animators and designers, these young renditions of your favorite characters are brought to life with creativity and imagination.

There is also a mystery figure hidden inside each box:

There's a mystery figure inside!

I love blind bags so this is right up my alley!

Here are the playsets, now partially unboxed:Disney Animators Littles Frozen Playset Review

Disney Animators Littles Tinker Bell Playset ReviewThe characters and their accessories are held in place with a combination of twist ties and blister packaging.  The mystery figures are concealed in a shiny, foil bag and hidden behind the castle and fairy house.

Here is the Elsa Micro Playset (minus the mystery figure).

Disney Animators Little Frozen Playset.

It includes:

  1.  The Arendelle Castle
  2.  An Elsa figure
  3.  An Anna figure
  4.  Olaf
  5.  A girl troll–I believe this is Bulda (who adopts Kristoff and Sven).
  6.  A boy troll–I’m not sure, but I think this one is Cliff (Bulda’s husband).
  7.  Baby Sven figure
  8.  A bed for Elsa
  9.  A bed for Anna
  10.  A vanity
  11.  A doll for Anna
  12.  A doll for Elsa
  13.  A mystery figure–???

And in the Tinker Bell Micro Playset we have:

Disney Animators Littles Tinker Bell Playset

  1.   A house (the house is about 5 inches tall)
  2.  A Tinker Bell figure
  3.  Cheese (the mouse)
  4.  Blaze (Tink’s firefly friend)
  5.  A Bluebird
  6.  A ladybug
  7.  A bottle of pixie dust
  8.  A tea kettle
  9.  A mushroom table
  10.  Two “stools of thread”
  11.  A clock
  12.  A cardboard flower cutout
  13.  A mystery figure–???

Let’s look at the Elsa Playset first:

Disney Animators Littles: Elsa.

Disney Animators Littles: Anna.

Even though they’re so tiny (about two inches tall), Anna and Elsa have an incredible amount of detail.  Both come standing on a small, snowflake shaped stand.  The designers did a wonderful job of capturing Anna’s bubbly personality, and I love Elsa’s sweet, slightly shy expression!

Here is a closer look at the accessories that come with the playset:

Disney Animators Littles Frozen Accessories.

Everything is so intricately painted!  Although several of pieces have a decent amount of glitter, the glitter has remained on the pieces and not scattered about my shelves, so I’m very happy about that.

Out of all the pieces in this set, the ones I am most excited about are Anna and Elsa’s beds.

Disney Animators Littles Elsa Bed.
Elsa’s bed.
Disney Animators Littles Anna's Bed.
Anna’s bed.

You see, I’ve been struggling to nail down a bed design for my Animator Elsa.  Finding a picture of Elsa’s bed online isn’t easy, and trying to find enough images to see the different angles and motifs is practically impossible!  But this miniature version is perfect.  Now, once I’m ready to start work on the dollhouse for our full-sized Animator dolls, I know exactly how I want Elsa’s bed to look.

Let’s get back to the playset though.  Here is the Arendelle castle:

Disney Animators Mini Figure Playset: Arendelle Castle.

The outside walls are made to look like gray bricks.  It has a sparkly, blue rooftop with a blue handle for carrying the playset and little figurines around.

The doors are painted brown and really work.  They swing in so the girls can come and go as they please.

The doors on the castle really work.

Inside the castle are two rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs.

Castle Interior.

The rooms are decorated with stickers that resemble the inside of the castle.  I think the lower level looks like the ballroom, but I can’t decide about the upper level.  Maybe Anna’s room?  Or possibly the hallway?

Here are the rooms with the furniture in place.  Sister couldn’t help but mention that I gave Elsa most of the furniture!

Disney Animators Littles Anna Elsa

 But, wait, we still have a mystery figure to unwrap!  Here is the mystery figure still in its packaging:

The Mystery Bag!
Hmmm…I wonder who’s inside?
The mystery figure is Kristoff!
It’s Kristoff!

I read that some received Marshmallow (Elsa’s giant, snowman guard) as their surprise character, so I guess it’s not guaranteed that Kristoff will be the mystery figure in every playset.  Since I don’t have an Animator Kristoff (yet), I was hoping that he would be the mystery figure here, so this was the perfect outcome for me!

Disney Animators Littles: Kristoff.

Like Elsa and Anna, Kristoff is around 2 inches tall, but, instead of a snowflake, his stand resembles a little patch of snow.

Aren’t Kristoff and baby Sven adorable together?

Disney Animators Littles: Kristoff and Sven.

Kristoff and Anna inside castle.

Oh, look, Anna has company… Kristoff and Sven have come over to visit!

Disney Animators Littles Playset.

And the trolls too!  I guess it’s a good thing I gave the furniture to Elsa otherwise Anna wouldn’t have enough room to play with her friends.

Finally, all the little figures fit neatly inside the castle:

All the figures fit inside the playset

So, everything can be safely stored until next time!

Just to give you an idea of how big these micro characters are compared to a Barbie-sized doll, I snapped a few pictures of Anna and Elsa with their “mini-mes”.

Anna and Elsa holding the mini figures.

Some of the figures make pretty cute accessories for 10 to 12-inch dolls.

Elsa and Anna Classic Dolls with Animators Littles figures

Anna and Elsa dolls with mini figures.

Alright, girls, let’s give the toys back to Micro Anna and Elsa.

Anna and Elsa dolls with mini Olaf figure.
Building A Snowman!

Now let’s take a peek at Tinker Bell and her tiny treasures!

Disney Animators Littles: Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell is attached to a round stand that looks like grass and is painted bright green.  She is about 2 inches tall and has clear, slightly sparkly wings.

Here is her little fairy house:

Disney Animators Littles Tinker Bell's House.

The roof is sculpted to look like layers of leaves and vines with lots of little Curly Qs at the ends.  The outside of Tink’s house resembles a tree trunk covered with moss, and it has a handle at the top for carrying.

The house has a round, pumpkin top door that opens.

Disney Animators Littles: Tinker Bell Playset.

Ther are mushrooms and shells molded to the outside of her house and a couple of leafy awnings above her door and window.  I am pretty sure that Tinker Bell lives in a tea kettle that washed up on Neverland’s shore, but I think this house looks more like a tree than a kettle.  Regardless of whether it’s a kettle or not, it’s a very cute house with a very fairy-ish look.

Besides her house, Micro Tink comes with a few pieces of furniture and some animal friends:

Disney Animators Littles Tinker Bell Accessories.

Plus a mystery figure!

Disney Animators Littles Mystery Bag.
Let’s see who’s inside!
Disney Animators Mini Figure: Crocky.
It’s baby Crocky!

Actually, I think his real name is Tic Toc.  Around here, though, he is called Crocky (I have no idea why–the name just kind of stuck).  Hmm…if the Elsa playset comes with different figures, I wonder what other mystery items might come in the Tinker Bell playset?

While all the trinkets are adorable, I think the fairy dust bottle is my favorite!

Mini Fairy Dust Bottle.
✨ It’s sparkly✨

And, of course, everything fits nicely inside the fairy house.

Disney Animators Littles Tinker Bell

I could go on and on about how much I adore these teensy versions of my favorite characters, but I guess I had better wrap this post up!

Here are a few final pictures plus my thoughts on the playsets.

Disney Animators Littles Arendelle Castle

Disney Animators Mini Figure Tinker Bell Playset.

Overall Opinion: 

Are these playsets cute?  YES!! They are beyond cute.  On a scale from one to ten, they are an eleven!  I mean, what’s not to love?  You take characters from the Disney Animators’ Collection, shrink them down to Polly Pocket size, and POOF!  You’ve got the cutest 1:24 scale doll imaginable!

Elsa, Anna, and Olaf Mini Figures.

The designers did a fantastic job making such tiny figures while keeping the style of the Animators’ Collection that we all love.  The characters are intricately painted and stand well on their own.  The playset itself comes with a ton of accessories, plus the added fun of unwrapping a mystery figure!

Disney Animators Littles Tinker Bell Playset Review.

So, in my opinion, if you love Disney and love tiny things, then you’ll love the Animators’ Collection Micro playsets!

However, since I’m a sucker for tiny things (not to mention Tinker Bell and Frozen), let’s get the opinion of an impartial observer….

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 1.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 2.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 3.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 4.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 5.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 6.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 7.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 8.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 9.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 10.

Tinkerbell Photostory Image 11.

Thank you for joining us for this special review of the Disney Animators’ Collection Micro Playsets.

Check back soon for more updates and feel free to let us know what you think about these cuties in the comment section below.  We look forward to hearing what you have to say!