An In-Depth Review Of Iron Man Mark IV From Hot Toys

Quote From Iron Man 3: I Am Iron Man.

Hot Toys.  Hot Toys.  Every time I search for Iron Man action figures the name “Hot Toys” appears on my screen.

Who is Hot Toys and why are they so special?

Hot Toys is a manufacturer of high quality 1:6 scale figures.  Most of their figures portray celebrities and popular icons, such as characters from the Marvel Universe, DC Comics, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and even Belle from the 2017 Beauty And The Beast film.

Image of sixth scale figures from Sideshow.
Images obtained via Sideshow Collectibles.

Yes, their products are amazing.  The realistic appearance of their figures is mind-boggling; as if someone took the actors and actresses and shrunk them down to doll-sized proportions.  But these quality collectibles come with a hefty price tag.  For example, you can pre-order the new Infinity War Iron Man for a whopping $407–ouch!

It’s no secret that I lean towards the geeky side.  I have no shame in saying that my favorite trinkets feature fairytale or Marvel characters.  In fact, once I finish repainting my Ever After High castle, I intend to build a “Hall of Armors” to house my growing Iron Man collection.

To say I’m intrigued by these figures is putting it mildly.  But are they really worth the money?

Well, the only way to find out is to see one in the flesh.  That’s right, I bought an authentic, bona fide Hot Toys Iron Man!

So, buckle up everyone for a special review of Iron Man Mark IV from Hot Toys!

An in-depth review of Iron Man Mark IV from Hot Toys.

Now, most collectors get their figures through reputable sources like Sideshow Collectibles, Big Bad Toy Store, etc… But I got mine via eBay.

As much as I wanted a pristine, never-been-opened Iron Man, I simply couldn’t afford it.  So, I settled for the next best thing which was to buy a preowned one off good old eBay.

Still, the best way to get a Hot Toys collectible is through an official distributor.  This way you’re covered if the figure gets damaged during shipping, and there’s no fretting over whether you’ll receive the real deal or some knock-off.

But, being the audacious (aka broke) gal I am, I took the risk bought this Hot Toys Iron Man from an eBay seller.

Was it a mistake?  Well, let’s see…

The Iron Man Mark IV comes with a cardboard sleeve that slips over the actual box.

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV Box Front.

The sleeve has a large picture of the Mark IV suit covering the front and back and Collector’s Edition MMS 123 written on each side.

Image of the side of the box.

After lifting off the sleeve, we see the impressive Mark IV!

On the front of the box is a large window displaying Iron Man and his paraphernalia.  At the bottom we see the Iron Man 2 logo and the name of the armor (Mark IV), then on the back is a list crediting the artists who worked on this figure.

Okay, before we go any further, let me admit to having already opened Mark IV to make sure all the pieces were there and Iron Man was intact.  Luckily, everything was.  I need to point out, though, that Iron Man comes requiring some light assembly.  Basically, you’ll need to snap his air flaps in place–easy peasy!

But, by the time I took the pictures for this review, I had already done that which is why there are two empty spaces in corner of the packaging.

Image showing empty space in package.

The Mark IV comes with A LOT of special features!

Unboxing Iron Man Mark IV from Hot Toys.

Here’s a quick list of what’s included:

  1. Iron Man figure.
  2. A Tony Stark head sculpt.
  3. An Iron Man helmet with light up features
  4. Four sets of interchangeable hands.
  5. A pair of sunglasses.
  6. Doughnut box.
  7. A doughnut.
  8. Extra interchangeable missile armor.
  9. A figure stand.
  10. An LED light up stand.
  11. Set of instructions.
  12. A hard to see, easy to lose, plastic spatula used to remove certain parts of his armor.

Before going any further, let’s stop and look at the instructions.

Image of Iron Man Mark IV instructions.

The instructions show you how to:

  1. Turn on Iron Man’s LED features.
  2. Remove his chest armor to see the mechanics inside.
  3. Lift his waist for extra posability.
  4. Correctly switch his regular armor for missile armor.
  5. Replace the Iron Man helmet with the Tony Stark head sculpt.
  6. Lift the air flaps on Iron Man’s back.
  7. Open the retractable countermeasure dispensers on his hips.
  8. Set up the LED stand.
  9. Replace the batteries.

Yes, please read the instructions before fiddling with Iron Man too much.  Some of the pieces are small and delicate, and the instructions give pointers on how to handle these special elements.

Here is Iron Man finally free of his box.

Review of Iron Man MMS 123 Mark IV from Hot Toys.

As you all know, the Mark IV suit makes its debut at the beginning of Iron Man 2 when Tony Stark reopens the Stark Expo and makes a grand entrance by leaping from his plane and landing in the center of the stage.  Unfortunately, it is also the suit Tony is wearing at his birthday party when he demonstrates its filtration system?.  Then it shows up again during the classic “doughnut scene”.

Sir! I'm going to have to ask you to exit the donut.

Yes, the Mark IV definitely had some memorable moments.  Sadly, it and several other suits housed in the Hall of Armors were destroyed during the attack on Tony’s mansion in Iron Man 3?.

What sets Hot Toys apart in the collecting community is that they create the most movie accurate 12-inch figures available.  Even with a steep price tag, their products sell out quickly.  Before this review, I didn’t understand why someone would pay so much for an action figure when you could find something similar at Walmart.  But after examining the Mark IV I have a whole new appreciation for the Hot Toys brand.

This is the most realistic representation of Iron Man I’ve ever seen.  It’s as if he flew out of the film and landed in my living room–at a sixth scale, mind you.

Obviously, there’s Iron Man’s brilliant red and gold color scheme.  The paint has a nice, shiny finish and does a good job making the armor look like state-of-the-art alloy.

I’m also impressed with Iron Man’s incredible amount of articulation.  You would think all this armor would hinder his flexibility, but it doesn’t!  No, Hot Toys designed this figure so the armor moves and shifts around the joints without hindering them.

Mark IV can turn his head to both sides and tilt it up and down.

Image showing Iron Man figure articulation.

While the up and down movement isn’t very pronounced, it’s enough to give you the idea he’s looking either at the ground or to the sky.

Iron Man can lift his shoulders to the side, bend his elbows, and turn his wrists.

Image showing Iron Man Mark IV figure arm and leg articulation.

He has movement at the hips and can rotate his legs forward and backward.  There are also joints in his knees and feet giving him a lot more flexibility than your average toy.

My only complaint here is that the left hip is a tad stiff and creaks when moving the leg.  Still, the Mark IV moves a lot easier than my Iron Man Civil War figure from Diamond Select Toys.

Along with extra joints in his arms and legs, Iron Man has an expandable waist.  Just gently pull up on his waist to get even more movement and posability.

Iron Man's waist can expand for even more movement.

With his waist extended, Iron Man can tilt about 45 degrees to the back and front.

Now, I came nowhere near covering every possible way to pose him, but I’m sure you get the point.  This Iron Man is one flexible dude!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV.

Seriously, I think–no–I know he’s the most articulated figure I have to date!

The Mark IV is a 1:6 scale figure and stands right at 12″ tall. However, this can be hard to envision, so I stood Iron Man next to one of my Disney Prince dolls to give you a better idea of his size.

Hot Toys' Iron Man Mark IV is about 12 inches tall (or 1:6 scale).

The Mark IV comes with detachable chest armor which you can remove using the plastic spatula included with the figure.

Use plastic spatula to remove Iron Man's chest armor.

Just slip the tip of the spatula under the chest armor to pop it off to see the mechanics hidden beneath the armor!  Pretty cool, huh!

Keep an eye on that spatula though.  It’s tiny, clear, and easy to lose–at least mine was?.

A few other features the Mark IV boasts are air flaps and air brakes.

Air flaps and air brakes on Iron Man figure.

It’s things like this that show how much craftsmanship went into making this figure.  Each gear and spring is painted metallic silver, so it looks just like the inner workings of a real piece of machinery.  Just be careful when lifting the air flaps.  The metal pieces are delicate and I feel certain would snap if pushed too far.

Now, I am not an expert in aviation and have no clue what air flaps do, but I think the air brakes (the flaps on his legs) help Iron Man stop somehow.

Iron Man with speech bubble: Did the word "break" clue you in?

Nevertheless, the air flaps are neat and it’s fun to lift them and make it look like Iron Man is flying or preparing for take-off.

Hot Toys Iron Man with galaxy background.

After doing a bit of investigating (and talking with someone who knows aeronautics better than me) I discovered that the “full deploy air flaps and air brakes” do the same job.  Both break airspeed making it possible for Iron Man to stop quickly while flying.

Next, we have Iron Man’s never-ending arsenal…which it sounds like he will need even more of while battling Thanos (oh please don’t let Iron Man die?).

The Mark IV comes with a set of missile armor which you can swap out with his regular armor on his forearms.

How to change the forearm armor on Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV figure.

  • To change the armor, lay the figure down and straighten the arm.
  • Then use the plastic spatula to remove the top piece, then the two side sections, followed by the back piece.

Remove the top piece first and back piece last.

  • Take the missile armor and clip it in place starting with the back piece and ending with the top piece.

Put the missile armor on starting at the back.

Now, Iron Man is ready to face-off with Vanko!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV with missile armor.

Along with missile armor, Iron Man has countermeasure dispensers on each hip.

Iron Man action figure with countermeasure dispensers.

Turn the disks counterclockwise to expand them or push in and turn clockwise to contract them.  These countermeasures alter the electromagnetic field of an incoming threat (such as a missile) and throw off its ability to track and strike.

As I mentioned in the list of accessories, Hot Toys’ Mark IV comes with four pairs of interchangeable hands.

Extra hands for Iron Man Mark IV figure.

So far, I’ve shown Iron Man wearing what I refer to as his “relaxed hands”, but he also comes with a set of:

  1. Fisted hands.
  2. Repulsor firing hands.
  3. Hands with articulated fingers.

Except for the fisted ones, all of Iron Man’s extra hands have an LED light up feature, which I will show off in just a moment.  First, let’s see how easy it is to switch the hands.

  • To remove Iron Man’s hand, grab it and pull gently.  You can see the hand is held in place by a peg at the end of Iron Man’s arm.

How to change hands on Hot Toys Iron Man figure.

  • To replace the hand, just push the peg into the hole at the back.

Swapping his hands is pretty straight-forward.  Also, the hands fit tightly around the peg, so there isn’t any issue with them falling off when moving Iron Man or posing him for photos.

Here is Iron Man wearing the repulsor and fisted hands.

Iron Man Mark IV figure with repulsor and fisted hands.

My favorite set, though, are the ones with articulated fingers!

Iron Man action figure hands with articulated fingers.

Isn’t that cool!  Each finger has three joints allowing you to position them in multiple ways and have Iron Man hold things like…

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV holding a donut.

a doughnut!

I’m not gonna lie, one of the things that drew me to this particular figure is that it came with a Tony Stark head sculpt.

I would love to get the Hot Toys Arc Reactor Creation set (which comes with a Tony Stark figure) AND a Hot Toys Iron Man but can’t afford both at this time.  So, I chose a figure that gave me the best of both worlds.

Review of Iron Man Mark IV Action Figure.

He can be Iron Man one minute and Tony Stark the next!

This sculpt is amazing.  The artists did a superb job creating a miniature version of Tony Stark.

Iron Man Mark IV Hot Toys figure with Tony Stark head sculpt.

His hair and mustache are matte black, and I swear it seems like every hair is individually sculpted to look as natural as possible.

Tony Stark sculpt on Iron Man Mark IV from Hot Toys.

His expression is also spot-on.  In my opinion, the slight frown and intense stare make Tony appear focused.

Since it’s based on the doughnut shop scene in Iron Man 2, this figure comes with a doughnut box, a chocolate doughnut, and a pair of glasses for Tony to wear.

Tony Stark figure holding donut and glasses.

So we can recreate one of our favorite scenes!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV wearing glasses and holding donut.

Lastly, we have the stands–one regular stand and an LED stand that lights up.

The regular stand is black, has the Iron Man logo, and a nameplate with Mark IV printed on it.

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV stand.

I’m not crazy about this stand because it doesn’t hold Iron Man too well.  No, my favorite is by far the LED stand!

LED light up stand for Iron Man figure.

?It’s dazzling?!

And the LED stand isn’t the only thing that lights up!

Hot Toys Iron Man figure with LED features.

That’s right, Iron Man has a few LED features of his own!  Just flip a switch to turn on the glowing components of his helmet, repulsor hands, and arc reactor!

While palladium powers Tony Stark’s Mark IV, this Iron Man runs on button cell batteries.  The switches for the lights are located on the back of the helmet, under one of the air flaps, and on the inside of Iron Man’s arms.

Switches for Iron Man's LED lights.

Personally, I think the light-up function is a super cool and makes for some awesome pictures!

Like this one…

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV on LED light up stand.

Another reason I prefer the LED stand is that it has an adjustable clamp.  This means you can raise the clamp (using a small screwdriver) and make it look like Iron Man is flying!

The Overall Opinion:

Quality:  You can probably guess what I’m going to say–this is the most detailed figure I’ve ever seen!  It’s true.  Hot Toys produces quality products.

However, my Mark IV isn’t 100% flawless.  The paint on his shoulders and feet is starting to fade.

Chipped paint on Iron Man Mark IV armor.

It’s not bad, but it’s not great either.  You see, this Mark IV is an older model from 2010.  Back then, Hot Toys still used plastic parts on some of their figures.  Since their figures are hand-painted, I believe the plastic is the culprit behind the chipped paint–paint doesn’t adhere well to plastic.

I doubt this would’ve happened had I bought him brand-new, especially since the newer models are built using die-cast metal.  In fact, an updated version of the Mark IV made from die-cast metal will be released towards the end of 2018.  I can’t say for certain since I haven’t seen one, but a metal figure sounds a heck of a lot stronger than a plastic one.

Don’t get me wrong though!  I love my Mark IV and have already researched “how to fix paint on a Hot Toys collectible”.  By the time I’m done, you’ll never even know those blemishes existed!

Review of Iron Man MMS 123 Mark IV from Hot Toys.

Details and Sculpting:  Iron Man wears a metal suit which eliminates any raw edges and unfinished seams for me to nitpick.  So instead we will cover how well detailed and accurate this figure truly is.

As far as resembling Mark IV from the movie, I give this Iron Man a full 10 stars!  Hot Toys nailed it!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV with black background.

The details are superb.  I love the classic red and gold armor.

Not only is the armor almost identical to that in the film, the Hot Toys crew did an amazing job of capturing Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV with navy background.

In my opinion, it’s the spitting image of Tony Stark!

Accessories:  Let’s face it, accessories are awesome!  They add value and entertainment.  When it comes to fun extras, Iron Man doesn’t disappoint!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV accessories (glasses, donut, and donut box).

Now, you may be saying, “I can make that stuff.  I don’t need to buy it”.

Sure, you could create tiny doughnuts and a doughnut box at home, but those shades would be hard to duplicate!

Tony Stark Figure With Sunglasses.

Also, let’s not forget Iron Man’s air flaps and brakes.  I know they are part of the suit, however, I consider them a bonus because action figures rarely come with this level of ingenuity.

Articulation:  I can safely say that Iron Man has the best articulation I’ve seen.  The Mark IV boasts 36 points of articulation, and (except for that creaky left hip) all the joints move smoothly.

Iron Man Mark IV from Hot Toys has excellent articulation.

Plus, let’s not forget this is a suit of armor and the chances of Iron Man leaping around like an acrobat in real life are slim.

So, except for his squeaky hip (which is more of an annoyance than a defect), Iron Man’s flexibility is an A+!

 Price:  Now, for the big question: are these figures worth the price?

After reviewing Mark IV, I’m convinced that Hot Toys are as outstanding as everyone says.   The workmanship and artistry put into these figures make them worth the price.

Are they for everybody?  If you’re a casual collector, probably not.  But, I’m not casual!

Yep, I’m already eyeing two more Hot Toys collectibles: The Arc Reactor Creation set and the new Iron Man Mark XLVIII!

Image of Tinkerbell doll with speech bubble: What!

Don’t worry!  It will be a while before I can get them.  But, when I do, I’ll be sure to post a review so you can enjoy even more of your favorite superhero!

In the meantime, I hope you had fun checking out the Hot Toys Mark IV with me!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV MMS 123 Figure and box.

And, if you’re considering expanding your own Iron Man collection, visit Sideshow Collectibles to see the exclusive figures they have available!

Please note this is not a sponsored post, and I was not compensated in any way for writing a positive review. My opinions of this figure are based solely on my own experience with Hot Toys and enthusiasm for Iron Man.


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