Marvel Legends Review: Marvel Studios Iron Man

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First, I’d like you all to know how much I enjoyed reading your comments about Petra and hearing that you’d like to see more customs!  I’m thrilled you liked how she turned out and can’t wait to get back to work on my other custom who’s a little more involved.

Now, let’s get to today’s review:

Iron Man!

Yes!  The Marvel Studios First Ten Years Iron Man has made his way to my mailbox!

Marvel Studios Iron Man Review.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Can you believe it!

Ten years ago, our favorite armored superhero (I’m sure you know who I’m talking about?) burst into theaters, setting the MCU on track to become the money-making franchise it is today, and the studio is going all-out to mark the occasion.

They kicked the party off by hosting a 10th Anniversary Film Festival from August 30th to September 6th.  During that time, you could visit select IMAX theaters and binge watch your favorite Marvel movies (including the older ones like Iron Man and Captain America).

Marvel also released new posters, shirts (yes, I totally got one…or several?), and, best of all, new Marvel Legends figures!  That’s right, Hasbro is taking our favorite heroes and villains from the MCU and transforming them into six-inch action figures.

What makes these guys so special? 

Well, for starters, we’re getting several new characters, like Red Skull, Lady Sif, and (best of all) Tony Stark!

At one point you could get a Marvel Legends Tony Stark by signing up for Marvel’s online comic subscription service, Marvel Unlimited.  But, last time I checked, they had replaced Tony Stark with a “venomized” Punisher.

Not only that, Hasbro has updated previously released figures using their improved face scanning techniques.  For the first time, we are getting a Captain America that actually resembles Chris Evans!

No, they’re not as lifelike as Hot Toys, but they’re also not $200.

The figures in this lineup include:

Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Legends Figures 2018.

Marvel Studios Ultron figure.


Note: I just learned that another figure, Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron, is available at Best Buy.  This means we have 11 figures commemorating ten years of Marvel movies!  Hopefully, we’ll continue to get more!

Several of the sets are on my list, but Mark VII was at the top. I pre-ordered him in June, and he arrived about two weeks ago. However, due to the hustle and bustle of life, I haven’t had a chance to open him until today.

So, I’m ecstatic to dive in and see how incredible the new Mark VII is!

Marvel Legends Review: Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Iron Man Mark VII.

The Box:

I enjoy a good box, and the Marvel Studios Mark VII doesn’t disappoint.  The box is taller and heftier than a standard Marvel Legends box and has an array of images covering the sides and back.

Starting at the front we see Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years and the Legends Series logo.

Marvel Studios Iron Man Box Front.

There is a large window in the center, so you can look in and admire Iron Man.  Below the window is the name of the figure, Iron Man Mark VII.  At the bottom is the logo and name of the movie featuring the Mark VII (Avengers).

On the back is a prominent number 3 telling us that this is the third figure in the series.  There is also a description of the Mark VII and an image of a promotional poster from the Avengers film.

Marvel Studios Iron Man Box Back.

The right side of the box has an assortment of pictures featuring characters from the Marvel films.  From what I’ve heard, if you set all the boxes side by side, the images will align and create a mural.  Of course, you have to collect the entire First Ten Years series to do this.

Side of Marvel Studios Iron Man box (Images and Description).

Then, on the left side is a brief description of the movie.

Images from Marvel Studios Iron Man Mark VII box.
A closer look at the pictures and description of the film.

These pictures are neat, and I love the idea of recycling the boxes to create a collage of our favorite superheroes.  Personally, I would use the artwork to create a backdrop for filming Marvel Legends reviews.

However, I’m not crazy about Ronan: The Accuser.  That might change when Captain Marvel comes out (I *think* he’s in her film).  But, for now, I’m skipping the epic Marvel backdrop because I don’t want to pay $25 just for a box.

While I can’t use it to its fullest, I like how these figures are packaged and still plan to turn those images into something neat–like doll-sized posters!

Meet Iron Man Mark VII:

Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Iron Man Mark VII.

The Mark VII is the suit Tony dons during the battle of New York and is one of the most iconic armors in the Marvel Universe.

The Mark VII is the first armor to:

  1. Be remotely controlled.
  2. Not need assembly using the gantry.
  3. Go into space.

This is the armor that carried Stark through the wormhole, allowing him to destroy the Chitauri army and thwart Thanos’s first attack on earth.

The Sacrifice Play--Avengers 2012.

The Mark VII also appears in Iron Man 3.  It is one of the armors that self-destructs when the Mandarin attacks Stark’s mansion.  Later, Pepper Potts finds its damaged helmet among the rubble.  When she puts it on, she receives a message telling her that Tony survived the attack.

Pepper Potts with Mark 7 helmet.

So, I think it’s fitting to include this armor in the line-up of Marvel Legends honoring the MCU.  Speaking of which, let’s get back to Iron Man!

Iron Man Mark VII Legends figure.

As soon as you open the box, you can tell this guy is a premium figure.  He feels nice and solid, and his paint application is superb.  The glossy red is consistent throughout, and there are metallic details on both his front and back.

The hinges in his elbows and knees match the other silver accents on the armor.  Even after opening and closing the joints several times for this review, the paint has not chipped and is still shiny.

Marvel Legends Iron Man paint application.

So far, the only gripe I have is the arc reactor.  I’m not thrilled with this little circle of white.  Something simple, like a thin blue outline, would’ve gone a long way to making it more realistic.  Right now, though, it looks more like a white dot than a power source.

As far as flaws in his paint, I found only one.

Chipped paint on Iron Man's shoulder.

There are a few tiny scratches on his right shoulder?.  But this is fixable.  All it needs is a dab of silver paint.

How Well Does He Pose?

Head and neck articulation.

The Mark VII can turn his head to the left, right, and can look down.  Unfortunately, he can’t look up.  The back of his helmet touches his sculpted collar and stops him from tilting his head back.

Shoulder and elbow articulation.

Mark VII has no problem lifting his arms to the side or swinging them to front and back.  His shoulders have full rotation.  I don’t recommend turning them all the way around, though, because it strains the shoulder plates.  Besides his shoulders, Iron Man has a swivel at his upper arm and double-jointed elbows.

Wrist and hand articulation.

Like most Iron Man figures, Mark VII comes with two sets of hands.  His fisted hands are fully articulated.  They tilt up, down, and rotate around.  His repulsor firing hands, however, are not.  They only rotate.

Upper body articulation.

The Mark VII has an ab-crunch under his chest plate.  He can tilt his upper body forward, backward and twist to the side.

Leg and knee articulation.

His legs swing to the front, back, and spread out to the side.  There is a cut on his thigh like the one on his arm which allows him to turn his leg outward.  Then, of course, he has double-jointed knees.

Ankle articulation.

His toes tilt and pivot.  You can see, though, that his feet pivot down and inward better than up and outward.

I wouldn’t call his articulation bad, but it’s not stellar.  However, I believe some of this is due to Hasbro trying to depict the armor accurately.  For example, the Marvel Legends Mark 50 can tilt his head back, but he doesn’t have as much sculpting as the new Mark VII.

Comparing the Marvel Legends Mark L to Marvel Studios Mark VII.

See what I mean?  Both figures are awesome, but the Mark 50 has better articulation and the Mark VII has more detail.

Now let’s check out one of the Mark VII’s special features–his air brakes.

The 2018 Marvel Studios Iron Man has liftable air flaps!

Finally!  A Marvel Legends Iron Man with moveable air brakes!

There are four brakes on Iron Man’s back, and all four lift into deploy mode.  The top brakes have silver details and are hinged on Iron Man’s shoulders.  The bottom brakes are just below the top ones and have touches of gold at the tips.

The Marvel Studios Iron Man has working air brakes!

Up till now, the only figures I’ve seen with components like this are higher priced ones, such as Hot Toys, S.H Figuarts, etc… So, getting a Marvel Legends Iron Man with working air flaps is super exciting.

Fun Fact:  Air breaks are exactly what you think they are: Breaks.  Iron Man uses these to stop and turn quickly while flying—like when he’s evading fighter jets.

Iron Man Screenshot: Deploy Flaps.
Deploy Flaps!

You need to be careful when lifting the brakes, though, because the hinges are a bit flimsy.  The bottom left flap on this figure likes to twist to the side when lifted and, if I’m not careful, will pop out completely.

Crooked air brake on Marvel Studios Mark VII.

It’s not a big deal, and the flaps are easy to snap back into place.  I just wouldn’t jerk them around a whole bunch because they are delicate.

The Accessories:

The Mark VII comes with standard Iron Man accessories: an alternate set of hands and blast effects.

Iron Man Mark VII Legends Figure Accessories.

While we’ve seen these accessories before (like a lot!), we did get blast effects with a better color.  If you remember, the Mark 50 came with teal effects.  But this time we got the traditional, orangey-yellow beams.

Here’s a comparison of the two effects:

Comparing Blast Effects.

The sculpts are identical, but the orange looks much better (at least in my opinion).  To use the blasts, just push them into the holes in Iron Man’s repulsor firing hands.

Iron Man Mark VII Review

As I mentioned earlier, Mark VII comes with two fisted hands and two repulsor firing hands.  When you first unbox him, he has one on each arm: the right hand is closed, and the left is open.

To switch his hands, pull off the one you want to change, then replace it with the one you want by inserting the peg into the hole at the end of Iron Man’s wrist and gently push until it clicks.

Changing hands on a Marvel Legends figure.

2018 Marvel Studios Iron Man Review

Final Thoughts:

I’ve been waiting a long time for this Iron Man.  Was he worth it?

Iron Man Mark 7 Action Figure.


In my opinion, the Marvel Studios First Ten Years Mark VII is one of the best Iron Man figures available.  He has a few minor flaws, those being restricted articulation in certain areas and an underwhelming arc reactor.  But, like I said, they’re minor.

Iron Man Figure Review.

Overall this Iron Man is an excellent six-inch portrayal of the Mark VII.  He’s well built, looks fabulous, and is affordable.  I’ve seen him in stores and on Amazon for about $24.  Marvel Legends are usually around $20, so the Marvel Studios Mark VII is a few dollars more; however, I think he is worth the extra $4.

Action Figure Photography: Iron Man in New York.

For me, there is no better way to celebrate the MCU’s tenth anniversary than to get updated versions of my favorite MCU characters!

Action Figure Photography: Iron Man and Loki.

The only question now is which figures to get next?  The Walmart exclusive Tony Stark and Mark 1 set or the 3 pack with Pepper Potts, Mark 22, and The Mandarin?  Hmmm…this is going to be a tough decision for sure.

Now it’s your turn!

I don’t know if we’ll get any more Marvel Studios figures, but, if we do, who would you like to see?  I’m rooting for another Loki and an MCU version of Quicksilver!  Drop a comment with your answer and I’ll see you next time!