Marvel Legends Review: Loki and Corvus Glaive Two Pack

Yes, I’m still alive!  But I wouldn’t blame you if I thought I wasn’t.

Even I can’t believe it’s been almost an entire month since my last post, especially when I’d just mentioned wanting to publish more often.  Unfortunately, May wasn’t kind to my blogging schedule.  Between remodeling our house, driving to medical appointments, and taking care of the farm, we’ve been busy bees.  I’m surprised we’ve had time to eat and sleep!

Although things are still bustling, it’s high time I get back to our doll multiverse (my term for a doll universe that includes more than dolls?).  So, without further ado, let’s get to today’s review:

The Marvel Legends Loki and Corvus Glaive Two-Pack from Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel Legends Review: Loki and Corvus Glaive 2-pack from Avengers: Infinity War.

The Box:

On March 31st, Hasbro released a Marvel Legends set featuring Loki and Corvus Glaive from Avengers: Infinity War.  This pack is a Walmart exclusive and priced at $39.97.

Reviewing the Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Loki and Corvus Glaive set.

The figures come in a black, Marvel Legends box.  The front has a large plastic window with “Legends Series” printed at the top.  At the bottom are the names of the figures and the Avengers: Infinity War logo.

There is artwork of the characters on the sides of the box.  Loki’s picture is on the right side, and Corvus Glaive’s is on the left.

On the back of the box are more pictures of Loki and Glaive plus a quick description.

Back of Marvel Legends Loki and Corvus Glaive box.

The description reads:

Known for his shifting allegiances, Loki faces evil head-on when he is confronted by the Black Order–a sinister group of Thanos’ cohorts that includes the menacing Corvus Glaive.

Okay, time to open the box and see these figures up close!

Loki and Corvus Glaive:

Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Loki and Corvus Glaive figures.

For many, Corvus Glaive is the highlight of this pack.  He is a big baddie in Infinity War, and Legends collectors need him to complete their Black Order line-up.

I’m not interested in assembling the Black Order, though (I don’t even have Thanos?).  No, I bought the set for Loki.

Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Loki figure.

I know, I know–this is a repaint of the Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok Loki.  Why would I want him?  Because Loki is my second favorite character in the MCU, and I’m always happy to see new releases of him.

Plus, even though they share the same sculpt, Ragnarok Loki and Infinity War Loki aren’t exactly the same.

Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok Loki verses Avengers: Infinity War Loki.
Left: Thor: Ragnarok Loki. Right: Avengers: Infinity War Loki.

For one, the paint application on Infinity War Loki is far better.  His face is less glossy and has a more realistic color.

Comparing the Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok Loki to the Marvel Legends Infinity War Loki.

I never liked Ragnarok Loki’s skin tone.  It has a grey tint–definitely not a shade I want Loki to turn!  Infinity War Loki, however, has peachy-colored skin that looks way more natural.

As far as his likeness to Tom Hiddleston, I’d say it’s close enough.  His portrait isn’t perfect, but it’s way more accurate than movie versions released before 2017.

Marvel Legends Avnegers: Infinity War Loki (2019).

For Infinity War, Loki dons his black and green Asgardian armor, which is another reason why I wanted him.  He is wearing his signature colors as opposed to Ragnarok Loki, who wears his vivid blue, Sakaaran outfit.

Besides color, Infinity War Loki’s clothes are identical to Ragnarok Loki’s.  All the lines and printed details are the same.  But, again, the paint job and finish on Infinity War Loki is superior.  It’s even, vibrant, and not overly glossy.

Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Loki.

Image showing paint flaw on Ragnarok Loki's left hand.


Also, there is not a single stain on his skin, whereas Ragnarok Loki has an unsightly purple smudge on his hand?.


The only gripe I have about Loki is his cape.  It’s a separate piece that plugs into two holes on his shoulders.

The pegs under the cape plug into the holes in Loki's shoulders.

Unfortunately, the pegs don’t stay in the holes very well.  Every time I repositioned Loki, they would pop up and create a gap between his cape and shoulders.  Either that or the cape would fall off altogether.

Image showing gap between Loki's cape and his shoulders.

This is a problem that plagues both Ragnarok Loki and Infinity War Loki.  Thankfully, it’s solvable–all you need is a bit of glue!

I used super glue but was very careful with how I applied it since strong chemicals sometimes react weirdly to plastic.  To keep the glue from seeping out and sticking to Loki’s shoulder pads, I just dabbed a tiny amount onto the tips of the pegs before pushing them into the holes.

Image of Loki after gluing his cape down.

Success!  The gap is gone, and Loki’s cape is not falling off!

Now let’s check out the other figure in this set: Corvus Glaive!

Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive.

Corvus Glaive is a prominent villain throughout Avengers: Infinity War.  He finishes off wounded Asgardians at the beginning of the movie, lends his spear to Thanos who uses it to stab Heimdall, then watches as Thanos tortures Thor and kills Loki.  And that’s just within the first fifteen minutes of the movie!

A review of Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive.

Yep, he is one bad dude!

After Thanos sends them to find Mind Stone, Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight head to Scotland where they attack Vision and Wanda.  The pair almost succeeds in taking the stone, but their mission is foiled when Captain America arrives.

(*Cue the Avengers theme*)
Fun Fact: Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight are a married couple.

While Glaive isn’t the most handsome figure, he has an impressive amount of detail.

A close up look at Corvus Glaive.

His face is slate grey.  Those red eyes and that toothy grin make him look especially sinister!

The rest of his body is dark grey with grooves and gold highlights crisscrossing his midsection, arms, and legs to outline areas of armor.

Corvus Glaive wears a hooded cloak and has a sash around his waist.  There are gold horns on the sides of his hood, leather straps around his arms, and the tips of his cape and sash are tattered.  His cloak can be taken off, but you’ll need to pop off his head to do so.

Also, Glaive’s cloak is more than mere decoration–it’s a great prop!  Since the back reaches the floor and is flexible, it acts as an “extra leg” which makes balancing Glaive super easy.


Infinity War Loki is the same height and has the same level of articulation as Ragnarok Loki.  He stands about 6 1/2 inches tall.

Loki is taller than Tony Stark, about the same height as Captain America, and is shorter than Iron Man and Thor.

Image comparing Infinity War Loki to other Marvel Legends.

He has 23 points of articulation.

Image showing Loki's points of articulation.

Corvus Glaive is 7 inches tall (a little over if you count his horns).

He is taller than Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man but not Thor.  He and Thor are about the same height.

Image comparing Corvus Glaive's height to other Marvel Legends.

Corvus Glaive also has 23 points of articulation.

Image showing Corvus Glaive's points of articulation.Corvus Glaive's vest stops him from lifting his shoulder to the side.

Unfortunately, Glaive’s vest limits his shoulder movement.  In fact, he cannot raise his left shoulder at all; so, technically, he only has 22 points of articulation.



Marvel Legends Loki and Thor (@PixieDustDolls).)

Infinity War Loki comes with the most sought-after treasure in Marvel history: The Tesseract.

The Tesseract is fairly plain.  It’s just a translucent blue square.  Still, it’s a nice accessory and I’m happy to have it.

Fun Fact:  The Tesseract has appeared in 10 Marvel movies and been used by Red Skull, Hydra, Howard Stark, S.H.I.E.L.D, the Kree, the Asgardians, Loki, Thanos, and the Avengers.  It was also eaten and later barfed up by Goose.

Corvus Glaive comes with his double-edged spear (or glaive).

The spear looks terrific.  It has jagged gold blades at each end and a long silver shaft.  A lethal weapon, indeed!

And, of course, both Corvus Glaive and Loki can hold their accessories.

Alright, let’s wrap this post up with a few final thoughts!

Final Thoughts:

There’s no other way for me to say it:

I love this set!

Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Loki and Corvus Glaive.

Yes, this Loki is a repaint of the one we got for Thor: Ragnarok.  Still, I think he’s worth having.  His updated paint job looks fantastic, and I’m thrilled to a six-inch version of him wearing green and black.

Image of Marvel Legends Infinity War Loki and the Tesseract.

And Corvus Glaive’s looks just like his on-screen counterpart–utterly terrifying!  He’s a must have for anyone wanting to round-out their Black Order collection.

Image of Marvel Legends Corvus Glaive.

Image of Avengers: Endgame scene reenacted with Marvel Legends.

Although I don’t like how Avengers: Endgame handled certain characters, I’m thrilled it brought Loki back (even if it’s in an alternate timeline).  I wonder if the upcoming Loki TV show will involve him in this new 2012 timeline and not be a just series of flashbacks?  If so, this could get very interesting!

Now it’s your turn!

Well, friends, I hope you had fun taking a look at Loki and Corvus Glaive with me.  As always feel free to drop a comment, share this post, and (if you haven’t already) subscribe to our blog via email so you never miss a post!