Marvel Legends Review–Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel hasn’t even hit theaters, and it’s already on track to become one of Marvel’s top-grossing films!  According to Fandango, it has passed Captain America: Civil War in advanced ticket sales.  The only MCU movies outranking it are Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.

So, all the naysayers claiming Captain Marvel would flop because Brie Larson didn’t smile in the trailers are in for a huge letdown?.

But we’re not here to talk about movies, right?  Nope, we’re here to talk about toys.  So, let’s celebrate Captain Marvel’s success with a review of the new Marvel Legends Captain Marvel figures!

These Captain Marvel figures are part of the Marvel Legends Kree Sentry Build-A-Figure wave that came out the first week of January 2019.

Review of Captain Marvel from Marvel Legends Kree Sentry wave.

I managed to snag both before their prices (briefly) skyrocketed.  Thankfully, the price jump didn’t last long, and most of the figures are back down to $19.99.

The characters in this wave include:

  1. Captain Marvel.
  2. Nick Fury.
  3. Talos (the Skrull).
  4. Captain Marvel in her jacket.
  5. Yon-Rogg.
  6. Marvel’s Grey Gargoyle.
  7. Genis-Vell.

Figures from the Marvel Legends Kree Sentry Build-A-Figure Wave.

Since I only collect MCU figures, I have very few girl action figures.  In fact, the only girl in my collection is Wasp.

Marvel Legends Action Figure: The Wasp.

I considered getting Pepper Potts (from the three-pack with The Mandarin and Mark 22) but decided to wait because of her outfit–or rather lack thereof.  So, adding Captain Marvel to my Marvel Legends collection is super exciting!

The Box:

I’m afraid calling both these figures Captain Marvel will get confusing, so I’m going to refer to the one on the left as Captain Marvel and the one on the right as Carol Danvers.

Image of Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers Legends Figures.

Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers come in a standard Marvel Legends box.  The name of the wave is at the top, and the name of the figure and movie logo is at the bottom.

Front of Captain Marvel box.

There is a description on the back of each box, images of the other figures in the wave, and a picture showing the completed Build-A-Figure.

Box description and images.

The only difference between these 2019 boxes and previous Marvel Legends boxes is the artwork.  Hasbro is now using promo art from the movie on the back and sides instead of pictures of the figures.

Box sides.

Other than that, the boxes are the same as last year’s (which is fine).  Now let’s open them and take a closer look at Marvel’s new superhero!

Meet Captain Marvel!

Here is Captain Marvel right out of the box.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel.

Like Iron Man from the Infinity War wave (aka the Thanos Build-A-Figure wave), Captain Marvel doesn’t come with a Build-A-Figure piece.  Instead, her extra accessories are an unmasked head and a pair of extra hands.

Based on the trailers, I’d say this figure is movie accurate.  Starting at the top, we see Captain Marvel’s red helmet.   It has blue details on the sides and her impressive mohawk peeking out the top.

Captain Marvel with her masked head.

The top of Captain Marvel’s suit is bright red and the mid-section is metallic blue.  Of course, she has her signature gold star on her chest.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel suit.

Red gauntlets and gloves are covering her arms, and she is wearing red and blue boots.

Paint on Marvel Legends Captain Marvel gloves and boots.

For the most part, the paint and details on this figure are good.  The lines in her costume are nice and pronounced, and the colors are bright.  I like that Hasbro took the time to outline the gold buckles on her belt and buttons on her gauntlets.

Details on Marvel Legends Captain Marvel's belt and gauntlets.

Unfortunately, there is an obvious blue mark on her right boot.  If that splotch wasn’t there, this figure would’ve been perfect.

Paint mishap on Captain Marvel's boot.
Not cool!

Setting that aside, Captain Marvel is still stunning in her binary form.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel.

How Well Does She Pose?

Captain Marvel is on a female Marvel Legends body.  What does that mean?  Well, let’s see…

  • Captain Marvel can turn her head to the side and look up and down.

Captain Marvel head and neck articulation.

  • She can lift her shoulders out to the side.  Her shoulder pads are a soft material and don’t interfere with her shoulder movement.

Captain Marvel’s shoulder pads are pliable and don’t interfere with her shoulder movement.

Captain Marvel elbow articulation.


  • Her elbows bend.  Unfortunately, they are not double-jointed.



  • She has rotation at the wrist.

Captain Marvel wrist articulation.

  • There is a joint at her chest allowing her to crunch forward, backward, and turn to the side.

Captain Marvel waist articulation.

  • She can do a decent version of the splits.

Captain Marvel hip articulation.

Captain Marvel knee and thigh articulation.



  • She has a thigh swivel and (best of all) double-jointed knees!




  • Lastly, Captain Marvel can tilt her toes up and down and has a tiny bit of ankle pivot.

Captain Marvel ankle articulation.

You can see that female Marvel Legends figures have a good amount of articulation, but not as much as the guys.  Having double-jointed elbows and a waist swivel would do wonders for them.  I hope Hasbro considers giving them these extra joints in the future.

Captain Marvel Without Her Mask:

Captain Marvel has a ball-hinge neck which makes swapping out her masked and unmasked head super easy.

Ball-hinge neck joint on an action figure.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel with the unmasked head.

As you can see, Hasbro’s ability to nail a character’s likeness gets better with each wave.  Captain Marvel looks awesome!  I think there is definitely a resemblance Brie Larson and have no complaints with this sculpt.

Her facial features (cheeks, eyes, lips) are well-defined.  She has a nice, natural-looking skin tone and a small beauty mark on her left cheek.  Her brownish-blonde hair is shoulder-length and wavy in the back.

Detailed look at the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel.

The only issue I have is that her eyes look gold to me.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Action Figure (Unmasked Head).

I’m sure the artists were going for light brown eyes like Brie Larson’s, but I think these are a little too light.

Captain Marvel comes with a pair of clenched hands and a pair of open hands.  Both sets are hinged and can tilt and rotate.

Captain Marvel's alternate hands.

Switching out the hands:

  • When you’re ready to change her hand, just pop it off (gently please!).
  • Then push the peg at the end of her alternate hand into the hole at the end of her arm.

Changing out Captain Marvel's hands.

Her open hands aren’t necessarily “relaxed”.  The palms are flat, and her fingers are spread apart as if she’s reaching for something.  Clearly, these are for those epic take-off poses!

And that’s it for Captain Marvel.  Now let’s meet Carol Danvers.

Meet Carol Danvers and Goose:

I was a little surprised to see another Captain Marvel in this line-up.  Hasbro usually doesn’t release two of the same character in a single wave.  I’m glad they did, though, because I really like this second figure who I call Carol Danvers.

Carol Danvers comes with two accessories: a piece for the Build-A-Figure and her cat, Goose.

Captain Marvel's Accessories (Bomber jacket version).

I admit, Goose was a major reason I got this figure.  She is so cute!

Yes, Goose is a girl in the movie just like she is in the comics.  Kelly Sue Connick confirmed this on Twitter.

Goose is dark orange, with a cream belly, and gold eyes.  She looks like she is playfully batting something.

Marvel Legends Goose.

I honestly expected Goose to feel cheap, but she doesn’t.  She reminds me of a Schleich cat except she’s not as heavy as a Schleich, which is probably a good thing otherwise Carol wouldn’t be able to hold her.

In the comics, Carol’s cat is named Chewie (after Chewbacca) and goes with Carol on her intergalactic travel.

Don’t be fooled, though, Chewie is no ordinary cat!  She is a Flerken–an alien cat.  While Chewie spends most of her time acting like a typical feline (like laying on Carol’s control panel), she does have a few oddities.

Chewie the Flerken.


When Captain Marvel questioned whether Chewie was a Flerken, Chewie confirmed her identity by laying 117 eggs which quickly hatched into “Fler-kittens”!


Don’t worry.  Captain Marvel found good homes for all of Chewie’s babies?.

Flerkens also have tentacle-filled mouths and will unleash these tentacles to fight (and sometimes eat) foes.  At one point, Rocket Raccoon wanted to kill Chewie but changes his mind after seeing her use her tentacles to defend Captain Marvel’s ship.

So, there are few Flerken facts.  Now let’s bring out Carol Danvers!

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel With Bomber Jacket.

Besides her hair, Carol Danvers is very similar to Captain Marvel (they are the same character after all).

This time, though, her hair is sculpted to look like it’s blowing in the wind.  Some people may not like this since it’s a very specific expression (kind of like Scott Lang’s smirk in the Cull Obsidian BAF wave), but I love it!

Image of Marvel Legends Captain Marvel.

Now, for those wondering how closely these figures mirror Brie Larson, here are some side-by-side pictures of the figures next to a promo poster from the movie.

Comparison of Brie Larson and Marvel Legens Captain Marvel figures.

Again, I think both are a great representation of the MCU’s Captain Marvel.  Sure, their eyes could be a tad darker, but that’s me being super nit-picky.

Also, I’d like everyone to notice Carol’s grin:

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel with her bomber jacket.
Proof that Captain Marvel can smile!

The paint on this figure is very good.  Her body is basically the same as Captain Marvel’s.  The only differences are that she lacks the blue collar around Captain Marvel’s neck (which is just paint) and Carol Danvers is wearing a brown jacket.

Paint application on Carol Danvers action figure.

The jacket has lots of details.  A collar and zipper are molded on the front, there are pockets on the sides, and a logo printed on the back.  The logo is an orange circle with a plane and eagle wings–at least I think those are eagle wings?

The arms of the jacket are hard, molded plastic, but the main section is the same pliable material used on suited Marvel Legends like Tony Stark, Phil Coulson, Bruce Banner, etc.

Image of jacket on Captain Marvel action figure.

Under the jacket, Carol is wearing her red and blue suit.  It is painted just like the costume on the other Captain Marvel figure.  Carol Danvers has the same level of articulation as Captain Marvel, so there’s no need to go over that again.

Her hands are cupped so she can hold Goose.

Marvel Legends Carol Danvers's hands.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Goose.
How cute!

These cupped hands look more relaxed than Captain Marvel’s hands and are perfect for casual pictures.

Image of Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Tony Stark.

Finally, because they have the same body style, Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers can share parts.  Carol Danvers can use Captain Marvel’s hands and vice-versa.  For example, here is Captain Marvel holding Goose and Carol Danvers with fists.

The parts on these Captain Marvel figures are interchangeable.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I am very happy with these figures and think Hasbro did an excellent job.

A review of Hasbro's Marvel Legends Captain Marvel action figures (2019).

Yes, there are several similarities between the two (paint application and body type); however, there is also enough of a difference to justify having both.

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel action figure in flight pose.

From what I’ve heard, Captain Marvel will be the star of the MCU going forward and is very important to transitioning into Marvel’s Phase 4.  So, her movie is a must see!

Marvel Legends Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

Let’s face it though, no matter how powerful she is, she’ll never replace Iron Man or Cap?.

Now it’s your turn!

Are you excited to see more female superheroes in the MCU?  Drop a comment down below with your answer!


  1. Brie Larson has disparaged straight white men, and views her movie as a form of activism, instead of simply entertainment. She and her movie can get stuffed, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I’ve read some of her interviews, and she’s running the “women can do anything” mantra into the ground. I fully believe that women can do anything and everything, but I believed that long before Brie Larson came about. To tell you the truth, I’m concerned making her the “new face” of the MCU is a bad move.

      Still, I like Captain Marvel (the character) and am excited to see the movie.

  2. cool!

  3. Captain Marvel looks pretty, cool, even Goose does he looks so much like a real cat.
    P.S. I can’t comment on your Loki hot toys review for some reason, I think the comments were accidentally turned off.

    1. Author

      Glad you liked the review! Goose is pretty cute?. I can’t wait to see her role in the movie!
      Yes, the comment section closes 14 days after an article is posted. I do this to reduce the spammers.

  4. Awesome review! I really like the decision to do extras for the character rather than the Build a figure. I never end up with all the pieces and feel bad just tossing them. Extra hands and cat aliens are more cool, anyway.

    I really want to get Carol’s figure now. I wonder why they renamed Chewie as Goose, though?

    1. Author

      I know what you mean! Since I don’t collect comic book characters (and they always throw 2-3 in the waves), I always end up with a random BAF arm or leg. Sometimes I can sell the piece on eBay, but not always. I’ve had a Gladiator Hulk leg listed for almost a year, and it still hasn’t sold! I don’t know why I keep relisting it!

      I’m not sure why they changed Chewie’s name, but there’s speculation it’s because Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars and them not wanting such a large crossover between the franchises. So they made Carol a Top Gun fan and renamed her cat “Goose”.

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