Hot Toys Review: Loki from Thor: Ragnarok

I’ve been fantasizing about the new Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki since September.  Well, he’s not a fantasy anymore!

Review of Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki.

I pre-ordered Ragnarok Loki from Sideshow Collectibles about three months ago.  His was originally expected to ship sometime between April and May 2019, but the trickster arrived early!

So, let’s unbox and check out this highly anticipated figure! Hot Toys Loki from Thor: Ragnarok Figure Review.

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The Box:

Loki comes in a colorful greenish-blue box.  His name is printed in metallic gold on the front next to a picture of Tom Hiddleston dressed as Loki.  At the bottom is the Thor: Ragnarok logo (in case you forgot which film this figure is from) along with the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece emblem.

Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki Box.

The back of the box is simple. It’s yellow, has Loki’s name at the top, and various warnings and fine print going down the bottom.

FYI: The brown shipping boxes Sideshow uses have the product’s name written on the front and back (e.g. MMS472 1:6 scale FIGURE–THOR3 LOKI).  So, if you’re buying a figure as a gift, just make sure the lucky recipient doesn’t see the box.

Now let’s get Loki out of the box!

Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki:

Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki Figure.

Never doubt the incredible craftsmanship of Hot Toys, folks!  Loki from Thor: Ragnarok is stunning!

He has an update expression, black sculpted hair, a movie accurate costume, and a fully articulated body.

Hot Toys Loki Side View.

The paint application on Loki’s face, neck, and hands is immaculate.  The color of his skin is consistent throughout and is lightly textured to look realistic.

He is wearing his signature green and gold colors.  Even though Loki’s outfit doesn’t change much, his look in Ragnarok is by far my favorite.  It’s a little more vibrant and streamlined than previous costumes.

A closer look at Hot Toys' Loki Ragnarok outfit.

The outfit consists of:

  • A black, faux leather vest.
  • A black, faux leather, sleeved shirt with green and gold details on the sleeves.
  • Black, faux leather pants with green and gold details.
  • Black boots with painted, gold buttons.
  • Green shoulder pads with bronze highlights.
  • Green arm guards with bronze highlights.
  • A green, pleated cape.
Note: Loki’s outfit is not removable.  Do not try to take it off.

Overall his outfit is very well made.  The fabric feels nice (an important quality to anyone who sews doll clothes), and the gold and bronze details look great against the dark cloth.

Now, before going any further, let’s touch on the main complaint people have about this figure–his updated head sculpt.

Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki Face Sculpt.

Usually new sculpts are a good thing, but some collectors feel this is not an accurate depiction of Tom Hiddleston and is inferior to the older Hot Toys Avengers Loki.

I don’t agree.  When you compare a picture of Loki (from Ragnarok) to the figure, you can see there is a resemblance.

Hot Toys Loki Comparison.

Obviously, he has Hiddleston’s blue eyes and dark hair.  More importantly, though, the sculpting on this figure follows the actor’s bone structure.  The eyes are set at about the same height, the brows are furrowed in a similar way, and the area around his cheeks and jaw have a slight taper.

So, I don’t agree that Hot Toys’ Ragnarok Loki looks nothing like Tom Hiddleston.  I would argue that this is a very good portrayal of Loki from Thor: Ragnarok.

A close up view of Hot Toys Loki from Thor: Ragnarok.

Fun Fact: Loki and Thor are thousands of years old but how old are they in human terms?  According to Marvel buffs, Thor is about 23 years old and Loki is only 17.  This is based on an average human lifespan of 80 years, Loki’s remarks about Asgardians living 5,000 years in Thor: Dark World, and Thor saying he’s 1,500 years old in Infinity War.

Although he has over 30 points of articulation, Loki’s clothes do limit his range of motion.  In fact, there are instructions inside the box showing exactly how far you can move his arms and legs.

Image of instructions showing points of articulation.

The reason he can’t lift shoulders and legs higher has nothing to do with his body type, it’s his clothes.  The plastic shoulder pads prevent his shoulders from rotating all the way around, and spreading his legs too far apart might rip his pants.

You know me.  I like figures that are well articulated.  If the description boasts full articulation, then by golly I want it.  So, it is disappointing that he isn’t as flexible as, say, my Hot Toys Tony Stark.

Still, I shouldn’t complain because Loki can still strike an epic pose.

Hot Toys Ragnarok Loki.

He balances on his own quite well, and he has nice, tight joints.  His arms stay up when you pose them, and his ankles don’t collapse when he’s standing.


Ragnarok Loki comes with:

  • His gold helmet.
  • A pair of daggers with sheaths.
  • The Tesseract.
  • A platform for the Tesseract.
  • Alternate hands.
  • A newly designed stand with his name printed on the front.
  • Surtur’s Skull (not pictured).

Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki Accessories.

I didn’t include the Skull of Surtur in this photo because it’s not my favorite piece.  Frankly, I don’t intend to keep it.  The rest of his accessories, though, are fantastic!

His gold helmet slips right over his head and looks amazing.

Hot Toys Ragnarok Loki Review.

Then we have his choice weapons–a pair of daggers.

Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki Review.
Use the “dagger holding” hands to make Loki hold the daggers.

Next is the tesseract.

Hot Toys Loki holding the Tesseract.
Loki comes with a single “Tesseract holding” hand. Use this to have him hold the tesseract.

And last but not least is this spectacular looking display.

Stand for Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki.

This stand is definitely an upgrade!  Older Hot Toys stands are solid black, but the newer ones have colorful bases with the character’s name and movie logo at the front.

Final Thoughts:

I couldn’t be happier with the Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki.  Even if he can’t perform a perfect split, he is a top-notch figure and well worth the price.

Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki.

Also, since Thor: Ragnarok leads directly into Avengers: Infinity War, this figure is both Loki from Ragnarok and Loki from Infinity War.

A review of the Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Loki.
I assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.

Speaking of brothers, let’s get Thor out here so we can see him and Loki together!

Hot Toys Ragnarok Loki and Thor from the first Thor film.

Thor and Loki are about the same height.  If Thor looks taller, it’s because he is on a stand (Thor can’t balance on his own–weak ankles?).  I think they look darn good next to each other!  I admit, though, it would be nice to pose Loki with Hot Toys’ Ragnarok Thor.  Or, even better, Infinity War Thor!

Hot Toys Loki from Thor: Ragnarok.

Well, friends, that’s it for today’s review.  I hope you had fun checking out Hot Toys’ latest Loki figure.

Now it’s your turn!

What do you think of Hot Toy’s Thor Ragnarok Loki?  Do you think he would look better standing next to Ragnarok Thor or Infinity War Thor?

Feel free to drop a comment and don’t forget to like and share this post!