The Valentine’s Day Mystery (A Doll Photostory)

The Valentine’s Day Mystery.

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Card Giver


To be continued…

From the author: Hello friends! I hope you all enjoyed Chapter 1 of the newest Pixie Dust Dolls saga!

Although it’s a little late (due to that freak winter storm), I’m forging ahead with this Valentine’s-centered tale as it’s key to introducing a brand-new plot to the Pixie Dust Dolls miniverse.

Believe it or not, each of the dolls featured on this blog has a story, and it’s always been my intention to weave their tales amongst the craft posts and reviews. Settling on the perfect format for doing this, though, hasn’t been easy.

Have I found the perfect format? I’m not sure—but I’ll never know until I give it a try, right?

So, feel free to let me know what you think about this week’s “episode” in the comments!

I’ve already written the next chapter but can’t take the all-important pics until I make Anastasia’s gift shop. Don’t worry–I’ve got a plan😉.

Need a Valentine’s Day card for your dolls? We’ve got a printable for that! Head over to our Printables and Freebies page to find our Valentine’s Day Card printable!

The Valentine's Day Mystery-Part 1 (A Pixie Dust Dolls Photostory).


  1. I think making a mystery involve a murder just increases the stakes. I read a mystery a few months ago where the issue was why a long deceased ancestor had just been “disappeared” by his family, and the final answer was that the man had been dishonorably discharged from the British military because he stood by someone else who was discharged for reasons beyond his control. The current family was really hostile and nasty to the two guys trying to figure stuff out, and it was a super anticlimax when they’ve solved it. Still, I love doll stories, so murders aren’t necessary there. Although maybe I should write a doll story murder sometime, when I’ve caught up on my fairy tale story.

    I love Tink’s brass bed; it looks like a mini version of Samantha the American Girl’s bed. Which now makes me realize that mini versions of American Girl historical doll furniture are things that I want to buy but didn’t know it.

    1. Author

      That sounds like a fascinating story! I’ve read a few Sherlock Holmes stories that weren’t too graphic (The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes) and really enjoyed them. I even tried watching the movie but chickened out after Sherlock “experimented” on Watson’s dog. So far, the only murder mystery I’ve managed to watch through and through is Murder On The Orient Express.

      I thought the same thing when I saw this little brass bed! I have a used version of Samantha’s bed for my Disney Animator Tinker Bell and it looks perfect for a tinker fairy. So I decided tiny Tink needed a brass bed too. This one is made by Melody Jane.

  2. Gotta love a good mystery, especially when it doesn’t involve a murder. Can’t wait to see where you go with this.

    1. Author

      I agree! Mysteries are awesome but finding a good whodunnit without murder is almost impossible. So I thought I’d write one myself😄!

      Glad you liked the story so far! First chapters are always kind of slow, but, trust me, there are some interesting twists awaiting Tink and Elsa😉.

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