Doll News–New Disney Dolls And Upcoming Marvel Figures

I admit I’ve been a bit distracted with my Marvel figures and Avengers 4 “research”.  Hey, half the universe is a pile of ash!  Whispers that the future holds nothing but annihilation are everywhere!  There is no way I can go five months without digging for some nuggets of hope.

But I think it’s time to take a break from the reviews and movie discussions to check out a few newly released dolls and upcoming Marvel Legends figures.

Newly released dolls and Marvel Legends figures--Fall 2018.

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The Nutcracker And The Four Realms:

Live-Action Nutcracker and the Four Realms dolls.

Disney’s reimagined version of the Nutcracker hits theaters on November 2nd, and the dolls are already showing up in stores (at least the online stores?). These dolls are made by Mattel and can be found on both Mattel and the Disney Store’s website.  I think they will also be available in some retail stores like Target.

The Sugar Plum Fairy.

Portrayed by Kiera Knightley, the Sugar Plum Fairy is the dazzling ruler of the Land Of Sweets.

The doll’s pink hair is swirled up in a tall bun with bits of gold tinsel woven throughout.  She wears an Elizabethan style collar and plum-colored gown.  There are silver details covering the bodice, and the skirt consists of several (I counted three) scalloped layers.  Then, on her back are a pair of lovely pastel wings.

According to shopDisney’s website, the Sugar Plum Fairy is fully articulated (although I don’t believe she is a Made-To-Move doll).  The Sugar Plum Fairy is the priciest doll in this collection.  She costs $100–and that doesn’t include shipping.

Ballerina Of The Realms:

During a pageant thrown to honor Clara, the Ballerina of the Realms (played by Misty Copeland) dances out the story telling how the Four Realms came to exist.

She has an icy tiara tucked in her white hair.  Her hair is styled into three buns, and she has fluffy, curly bangs that remind me of snow flurries.

I’m not sure if her dress is a solid piece or a leotard with a tutu.  For now, I’m going to refer to it as a dress.  The top has silver sequins on the front, and both the top and skirt are covered in white tulle.  She wears white tights and has a pair of pink ballet shoes with ribbons.

The description for this doll claims she has a “fully articulated ballet body”.  I’m not sure if this means she has a Made-To-Move body, but she might.  She costs $30.95 (not including shipping) making her the most reasonably priced from this collection.

Live-Action Clara doll from the Disney Store.
Click here to view Clara on shopDisney.

Clara is the girl who finds the enchanted world of the Four Realms.  She is played by Mackenzie Foy.

This doll is interesting because Mattel’s site says she is on a Skipper body and has articulated arms, elbows, wrists, and legs.  She might be our first fully articulated Skipper doll!

Clara’s has loosely curled brown hair.  The top of her gown is lilac, and her skirt is pink.  The tulle covering dress has gold and silver accents.  Then, to make it extra fancy, Clara’s dress lights up when you push the button on her necklace.

Clara comes with two accessories: a crown and an egg-shaped music box (the music box does not open).  As of right now, she costs $50.00 at

Soldier Clara:
Live-Action Clara doll from Mattel.

This version of Clara isn’t listed on shopDisney (I have no idea why).  I found her in the Barbie section of Mattel’s website (

This is time Clara is wearing a soldier outfit instead of a pretty ball gown.  She comes clad in a green and red uniform.  The jacket has gold details on the front, gold epaulets on the shoulders, and the pleated skirt is red with gold accents at the bottom.  For shoes, Clara wears a pair of tall, black boots.  Her hair is tied back in a ponytail, and her accessories are a black hat and key necklace.

Like the doll with the light-up gown, Soldier Clara is said to have a fully poseable Skipper body.  She is not as expensive as the other Clara.  Mattel has her priced at $30.00 (not including shipping).

Do I plan to get the Nutcracker and The Four Realms dolls?  I’m not sure.  I know this sounds terrible because they are beautiful, but Sister and I love the traditional telling of the Nutcracker.  We have the ballet on DVD and watch it every Christmas, sister has a stash of Nutcracker ornaments that she displays throughout December, and we also have, like, five different renditions of the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy.

It seems like this movie would be right up our alley, and we thought so too at first.  However, Sister and I are horrible cheats.  We read the junior novelization of the film.  I won’t spoil the plot and will only say that, if the film is anything like the book, it’s not our cup of tea.

That coupled with dolls’ high price means we’ll probably save our dollars for something else.

New Made-To-Move Barbie:

Okay, so this year we got a curvy Made-To-Move Barbie.  Well, it looks like next year we’re getting a tall Made-To-Move Barbie.  Can you believe it!  Maybe Mattel finally got the hint!

Made-To-Move Basketball Player Barbie (2019).

This Barbie is a basketball player.  She is wearing a blue and white uniform with a big 59 printed on the front.  She has hot pink sneakers and comes with a basketball.  Her brown hair pulled back in a long ponytail, and it looks to me like she has Teresa’s skin tone.

She is on Amazon for preorder, and I was this close to pushing the button when my eyes landed on her release date.

Screenshot of M2M Barbie on Amazon website.

Seriously! Now we have to pre-order Made-To-Move dolls a year in advance!

To be honest, I have a feeling that date isn’t right.  I bet this doll comes out sometime next spring, possibly even earlier.  Just in case she doesn’t, though, I held off on the preorder.

Even if we have to wait a year before she arrives, I’m super excited to see a tall Made-To-Move Barbie.  Now we just need a petite one!

Edit: The Made-To-Move Basketball player is available–sort of! Her new in stock date is December 17th, 2018! (I knew that 2019 date wasn’t accurate!).

Made-To-Move Basketball player Barbie (updated release date).

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors:

I’m sure you all remember how I much adore my Madame Alexander Fan Girl dolls and was hoping to see more of them.  Unfortunately, it looks like the ones we got are all we’re ever going to get.

After hearing that Toys R Us was closing, I emailed the Madame Alexander company asking about the dolls.  They replied saying they were discontinuing the Fan Girl line?.  I don’t know if it was because Toys R Us went out of business and these were Toys R Us exclusives, or because the dolls weren’t well received.  Either way, it seems like Toni and Liberty are the last of their kind.

Marvel Fan Girl dolls.

Anyway, while I was searching for the latest Marvel scoops, I came across a new line of Marvel-related dolls!

Marvel Rising Dolls.
This is interesting!

See, my fixation with Avengers 4 has paid off!  I don’t know much about the dolls (yet).  The only character I recognize is Ghost-Spider.  Even so, this line looks neat and has sparked my interest.

Ms. Marvel:

Ms. Marvel’s real name is Kamala Khan.  She’s a teenager from New Jersey who develops strange powers via contact with a force called Terrigen Mist.  Afterward, she takes the name Ms. Marvel (inspired by her favorite hero, Captain Marvel).

Ms. Marvel wears a bright red and blue costume with a blue mask.  There are gold lightning bolts on her shirt and cape.  This doll’s shopDisney description says she has:

  • Multiple points of articulation.
  • An alternate right hand that can be replaced with a large fist.
  • A wrist accessory.
  • Is dressed in a hero suit.
  • Has a removable mask, cape, and shoes.
  • Is 11″ tall.
Squirrel Girl:

Squirrel Girl is the squirrel whisperer!  Her real name is Doreen Green, and she can telepathically control squirrels.

According to, Squirrel Girl is:

  • Poseable with multiple points of articulation.
  • Has a Tippy Toe accessory (I’m guessing Tippy Toe is the squirrel?).
  • Comes dressed in a hero suit.
  • Has removable boots, tail, and headband.
  • Is 11″ tall.

However, it looks like she has green legs (gasp!).   You know how I hate painted legs.  Still, Squirrel Girl is really cute and reminds me of Tink’s friend, Fawn.  I especially like her orange-red hair.

America Chavez:
Marvel America Chavez doll.
Click here to view America Chavez on shopDisney.

Ack!  This girl has painted legs too!  Haven’t you people ever heard of doll pants!  I couldn’t find much about America Chavez other than she is a girl who has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and flight.

This doll’s info says she is:

  • Poseable with multiple points of articulation.
  • Comes with a clip-on accessory.
  • Is dressed in a hero suit.
  • Has earrings.
  • Is 11″ tall.
Marvel Quake doll.
Click here to view Quake on shopDisney.

Yay, Quake has pants!  I’m also liking her purple-streaked hair!  Quake’s real name is Daisy Johnson, and she has the power of vibration manipulation.  Basically, she makes things shake.

Quake’s details are:

  • Poseable with multiple points of articulation.
  • Includes a clip-on accessory.
  • Is dressed in a hero suit.
  • Is 11″ tall.
Marvel Ghost-Spider doll.
Click here to view Ghost-Spider on

Last up is Ghost-Spider.  Ghost-Spider (or Spider-Gwen) is the one character I recognize.  Her real name is Gwen Stacy, and she is the female version of Spider-Man.  She can shoot webs, crawl up walls, and even has spidey-senses.  And look!  No painted legs!  That means Gwen can dress casually in shorts while practicing the drums, then don her Ghost-Spider outfit when it comes time to take out the villains!

Disney’s website says this doll is:

  • Poseable with multiple points of articulation.
  • Includes a web wrist accessory.
  • Dressed in a hero suit.
  • Has a removable mask, hood, and boots.
  • Is 11″ tall.

These Marvel Rising dolls were just released and are available at,, and should be in Target stores sometime this month.  Their prices run anywhere between $19.95 and $29.99.

Marvel Legends Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive:

Hasbro revealed several new Marvel Legends figures at the New York Comic Con earlier this month.  The most interesting ones (for me anyway) were Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive.  Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive are part of the Black Order (or Children of Thanos).  The Black Order consists of:
  1. Ebony Maw (aka Squidward)
  2. Corvus Glaive
  3. Proxima Midnight
  4. Cull Obsidian (Black Dwarf).

Hasbro released Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian in their Avengers: Infinity War series earlier this year.  Proxima Midnight was in wave 1 and Cull Obsidian was the Build-A-Figure in wave 2.

Marvel Legends collectors were disappointed that Maw and Glaive weren’t included in either of those waves, but it looks like we won’t have to wait long before being able to display these bad guys along with the rest of our Black Order figures!  Hasbro hasn’t said when they intend to release these figures, but I’m guessing it will be sometime next year.

You can see pictures of them here on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram feed:  Hasbro Pulse Instagram (Ebony Maw and Corvus Glave)

Hot Toys Loki from Thor: Ragnarok:

Yes, I know.  Hot Toys Loki from Thor: Ragnarok is not new.  People have been able to preorder him from Sideshow Collectibles for several months.  So, what’s the big to-do?

Screenshot of pre-order.

I preordered him!

Sister and I love Hot Toys but have always bought them second-hand.  At this point, we have four to five figures and all were less than $200 on eBay.  Most came without accessories and some were even damaged.

You know what?  That’s okay.

Hot Toys Figures: Dark World Thor and Tony Stark.

We like a challenge and enjoy getting a coveted figure and fixing him up.  Nevertheless, we’ve yet to experience the thrill of opening a brand-new Hot Toys so getting Loki is pretty exciting!

Hot Toys Loki from Thor: Ragnarok.

Loki is a sixth scale (12-inch) figure.  The description says he has:

  • Over 30 points of articulation.
  • A new, hand-painted, movie-accurate head sculpt.
  • Comes wearing his outfit from Thor: Ragnarok.
  • Comes with two daggers, his gold helmet, the Tesseract, and Surtur’s skull.
  • Has seven interchangeable hands.
  • Comes with a specially designed figure stand with his name printed on the front.

I’m so excited I can hardly speak!  The only downside is that Loki won’t ship until sometime between April and June 2019.

Update: Loki’s is arriving early! He is now expected to ship out in November 2018!

If you want to check out Loki for yourself, just follow this link to Sideshow’s site: Marvel Loki Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys.

Well, friends, that’s all the doll news I have for today!  It looks like we’re getting some pretty cool stuff from both Disney and Marvel (I’m seriously eyeing that Ghost-Spider doll?).

Now it’s your turn!

Which releases are you most excited about?  Feel free to drop a comment, and don’t forget to hit the like button and share this post!


  1. I personally love Clara’s solider uniform over her ball gown. (It’s just that too many (girl) dolls tend to wear ball gowns, and it would be cool if there were more girl dolls that wore pants or something like that.) Also I like that they are making a tall made to move Barbie, and OH Squirrel Girl is sooo cute! And I hope you enjoy Loki. 😀
    I’m excited for the new releases,

    1. Author

      I agree. Clara’s soldier uniform is pretty and it’s nice to see a doll wearing something more practical than a gown. Plus, I’m a sucker for traditional Christmas hues and am drawn to the reds, greens, and golds in the uniform.

      Yes, the Marvel Rising dolls look like a cool line. I haven’t seen them in stores yet but am hoping Target gets them in stock soon?.

      Ah, Loki! I can hardly contain my excitement! I love his Ragnarok outfit (even though it’s the one he dies in?) and have been eyeing this version for a while. Getting a chance to preorder him instead of having to hunt for one on eBay is thrilling?!

  2. I can’t figure out if Marvel Rising’s Spider-Gwen is supposed to be articulated or not. Check out her arms in the box pic and compare them with the photos of the doll in costume. Either they’re misrepresented or my eyes are going.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I noticed that as well. Honestly, I don’t think Spider-Gwen has articulated elbows and believe the picture of her in her costume isn’t accurate. It looks like some of the other dolls (like Squirrel Girl) might have wrist/elbow joints, but all the online photos of Spider-Gwen show her with straight, solid arms.

      So, I don’t think Disney is being 100% honest with those images. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen in other brands too. There are pictures on Barbie’s Instagram promoting Fashionistas, but the Fashionistas have Made-To-Move bodies (Pineapple Pop gets featured a lot). People respond and ask where they can buy the dolls without realizing they need to buy two dolls to get what the picture shows?.

      1. At least we’re finally (finally!) getting articulated Skipper dolls.I wonder if there are Made to Move options in the works, too? It’d be real nice if we could finally get MTM Ken as well!

        1. Author

          Yes, I’m anxious to see the Clara/articulated Skipper doll. I’m hoping this is a hint that Mattel is taking steps towards creating dolls with better articulation. Like you said, we really need some Made To Move Ken dolls!

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