Blog Updates Plus My Opinion Of Avengers: Endgame

Welcome to our new domain!

It’s official, folks!  Our site has moved from Tinker Bell’s Treasure to Pixie Dust Dolls!

Changing the domain wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I was prepared for a massive undertaking, but it was quite easy to complete.  All I have left to do is update posts and pages with the new name and tell Google our URL has changed. Since I love my current design, nothing is changing besides the domain.  Same is true for Pinterest and Instagram.  I’m on the fence about YouTube though.  I can’t decide if I should keep the channel running or put it on hold until I get a better place to record videos.

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I swear this is the very last time I rename my blog!  While the process was straightforward, it’s not something I want to do again.  Still, the work is worth it.  It’s also given me an excuse to go back and fix broken links and images.  I didn’t realize I had posts with missing pictures?!

Now, let’s discuss Avengers: Endgame because, as I’m sure you can guess, I have mixed emotions about it.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know what happens, turn back now!
Avengers: Endgame–A less than satisfying finale:

Avengers Endgame Banner: The Original Six.

I’m going to cut to the chase–my family and I did not enjoy the movie.  It has a lot of problems.  I’m going to keep this brief, though, and only talk about my top three gripes.

Number one is Thor.  I’m sorry, but Thor using alcohol to cope with PTSD isn’t funny.  Yet, it’s treated as a joke throughout the entire film.  I could accept a brief personality change to show how the trauma of Infinity War affected him.  But that’s not the case.  Endgame ends with Thor still an alcoholic and abdicating the throne he fought so hard to earn.

Secondly, Black Widow and Tony Stark’s deaths were unnecessary.  I knew Tony would die sooner or later, but this felt like a convenient way to get rid of his character so new ones can take the stage.  And Black Widow throwing herself off of Vormir was flat out wrong.  She deserved to fight alongside her fellow comrades in the final battle.  Instead, the first female Avenger became a mere bargaining chip.

Finally, the plot is confusing.  Yes, it’s a time travel movie, which is fine.  I love time travel shows!  However, Endgame’s version of time travel is hard to follow.  It contradicts its own “rules” and leaves us with more questions than answers.

It’s possible that Marvel will answer these questions in future movies and TV shows.  Many think the plot holes in Endgame were done on purpose so Marvel could introduce the idea of a multiverse.  This would be interesting for sure and might even be a way for them to bring back dead characters.

Regardless, I’m still not a fan of the film.  Yes, it had epic moments but not enough to make me watch it twice.

But don’t take my criticism of Endgame the wrong way.  If you enjoyed it, that’s great!  I just wanted to explain why I don’t love it and don’t consider it the greatest movie ever.


  1. Love the new blog name! I haven’t seen Endgame so I can’t really comment on it, but my brother saw it and seemed to like it.

    1. Author

      Glad you like the name! Although it was time consuming, changing the domain was totally worth it.

      Yes, I have a feeling I’m in the minority when it comes to Endgame. Most people love it. I just wish it had a happier ending?.

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