An Amazing Ebay Find: Hot Toys Tony Stark!

Hello, friends and welcome back!  Today I have a very special eBay find to share with you!

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably have an inkling who my new prize is as I posted several pictures of him during Sideshow Collectibles’s Collect-A-Day May challenge.  Hopefully, I didn’t spoil the surprise too much.

It’s no secret that I stalk eBay looking for dolly bargains; however, dolls aren’t the only thing I search for.  I also keep an eye out for Avengers related items, and by that I mean Hot Toys figures.

Yeah, those don’t come around very often, especially if you’re looking for a popular character like Iron Man.  However, once in a while someone ready to downsize their collection will pop up and list their Hot Toys collectibles for an affordable price.

About five weeks ago I stumbled upon one of these rare gems: A Hot Toys Tony Stark listed for only $80!

A Review Of The Hot Toys Tony Stark Figure From The Arc Reactor Creation Set.

Of course, my first thought was, “What’s wrong with him?”.  The answer?  Besides being pre-owned and lacking his box and accessories, not a thing!

Finding a complete figure for this price is practically unheard of.  It’s common for just the body of a Hot Toys doll to sell for $100 or more.  I’m talking just the body–no head, hands, or feet (I know, creepy right?), so I was sure other collectors would step in and bid at some point.  Surprisingly, no one else did!

I ended up winning this guy for eighty bucks and am ecstatic to show him off!

Arc Reactor Creation set Tony Stark from Hot Toys.

I admit I was a tad nervous waiting for him to arrive.  Was he really in as good of condition as the seller said?  Would he get damaged during shipping because he didn’t have his original box and, therefore, no extra protection?

Thankfully, my worries were for naught and Tony arrived in excellent condition and unscathed from his trip across the States.

Normally, I kick off my reviews by showing you the box the doll or figure came in; but, since this is a “used” Tony Stark, there’s no box to show.  Instead, we get to focus on just the figure.

Meet Tony Stark!

As we already know, part of the appeal of Hot Toys products is their realistic appearance.  It’s amazing how much this figure resembles Robert Downey Jr!

Hot Toys is known for capturing a character's likeness.

The head sculpt and paint application is perfect–possibly even better than sculpt that came with the Mark IV.

Hot Toys' Tony Stark compared to Hot Toys' Mark IV.

I can’t get over his lifelike eyes and realistic skin tone!  I swear, if you look at him just right, it looks like Tony Stark is staring right back at you.

Tony Stark figure from Hot Toys Arc Reactor Creation set (Iron Man 2).

His black hair has a few brownish-gold highlights, and his beard is sculpted in an impeccable hourglass shape.  The hand-painted detail doesn’t stop at his face, though.  No, it continues down his body, onto his chest (something we’ll come back to later), arms, and hands.  Basically, any part that might be seen is textured and colored to look like real skin.

How Well Does He Pose?

Tony Stark is 12-inches tall, and (I believe) has the Hot Toys True-Type Basic body.  That means he has over 30 points of articulation! So, I think it’s safe to say his range of motion goes far beyond what most Ken dolls have (that’s not a slam on Ken, just an observation that the poor guy needs an update?).

Tony can turn his head to look to the side and tilt it to look either up or down.

Hot Toys Tony Stark has a ball-joint head that can rotate and tilt.

He can lift his shoulders and bend his elbows.

Tony has hinge swivel shoulders and elbows.

His hands are also pose-able and can tilt and rotate.

Hinges wrists allow Tony's hands to tilt and swivel.

If you buy this figure brand new, you’ll get an extra set of hands in a gripped position.  The gripped hands allow Tony to hold things (like the arc reactor holder he comes with) without you having to fasten them to his hands with elastic ties or double-sided tape.  If you happen to have The Mechanic, you can even pose him with tools from that set and make it look like he is creating a new arc reactor.  Unfortunately, my figure didn’t come with the alternate hands, so I will have to pick up a set later on.

Moving on, Tony has two joints on his upper body: one at his chest and the other at his waist.

Chest hinge and waist swivel on Hot Toys figure.

The chest joint allows him to crunch forward, backward, and turn to the side.  The waist joint gives a similar amount of mobility albeit not as pronounced.

Then we have his lower body articulation which consists of hinged hips and double-jointed knees.

Hot Toys Tony Stark has hinged hips and double-jointed knees.

His hip articulation is okay, but just okay.  They swing forward well, but to the back…not so much.  However, his double-jointed knees are a major plus!  Sitting down is not a problem for this guy!

Last up are his feet and, just so you know, his shoes are his feet.  Without the shoes, you see nothing more than a couple of little pegs at the end of Tony’s legs.  It’s not the most attractive look which is why his shoes will stay on his body for this entire review.

Anyway, his feet/shoes are articulated and can tilt, swivel, and pivot.

Hinged ankles give Tony's feet full rotation.

It’s true, Tony has a great amount of articulation, but it’s not flawless.  His shoulders and elbows are quite stiff and hard to move.  It’s not that they can’t bend or rotate, they just don’t do it smoothly.  This may be done on purpose so his arms stay in place when you position them.  Still, I wish they weren’t so tight because sometimes it feels like they’re going to snap instead of gently flex.

The Outfit:

Tony Stark comes wearing a black outfit consisting of a polo shirt, pants, a belt, and shoes.

This is my first encounter with Hot Toys clothes, but I’m impressed with what I see so far.

The polo has a small pocket at the front and two, small buttons on the collar.

This doll-sized shirt looks identical to its full-sized counterpart!

It’s sewn from knit fabric that feels like real t-shirt material.  Although there are no visible fasteners, the shirt is removable.  How’s that possible?  Well, it slips on and off just like a real shirt…er, sort of like a real shirt.

Here, I’ll show you what I mean.  To take off his shirt, you’ll need to raise Tony’s arms straight up (which isn’t the easiest task due to his tight shoulders), then carefully pull the shirt over Tony’s head and off his body.

Don’t worry ladies!  There’s no need to hide your eyes because underneath the polo, Tony is wearing a sleeveless shirt (or, as Sister calls it, his Man Tank)!

Hot Toys Tony Stark wearing black tank top.

Like the polo, Tony’s tank top is solid black and sewn from stretchy knit.

Again, there is no Velcro or snaps.  The only way to remove the shirt is to slip it over Tony’s head.

Next, we have his pants which feel like some type of cotton.

1:6 Scale doll pants with working belt.

The pants have a lot of detail and intricate stitching.  There are pockets on the sides and in the back.  A thin strip of Velcro holds the pants closed at the front.

But, what I think is so neat is that the belt actually works!  I’m very used to small elements like this being just for show; however, this belt buckles and unbuckles just like the real thing!  How cool is that!

Last up are his shoes.

Tony’s sneakers are solid black and very well detailed.  The top and fronts are textured to resemble “shoe material” (synthetic leather?), and the bottom looks like thick rubber.  There are lines on the sides representing rows of stitching and the shoelaces are clearly seen.

The Arc Reactor:

Another feature that adds to his realism is the light-up arc reactor in Tony’s chest.

The Hot Toys Tony Stark comes with an led light-up arc reactor in his chest.

The battery compartment and switch for turning the arc reactor on and off is located on his back.  Also, not to be gross, but you can see the poison leeching out from the arc reactor across his chest.  Again, this goes to show just how highly detailed this Tony Stark figure is.

Tony Stark Hot Toys figure with led light-up arc reactor.

Thankfully, this arc reactor is palladium free and runs on three, tiny, watch batteries instead.

This figure uses three, button cell batteries.

Hot Toys figures and accessories usually come with batteries installed; however, I recommend changing them before using any light up features.  Why?

Well, when I unboxed my Hot Toys Mark IV, I noticed that the LED stand he came with wouldn’t turn on.  After opening the battery compartment, I found the batteries completely corroded and a nasty, white film covering the springs and plastic the batteries were touching.  This wasn’t just disgusting, it was downright dangerous!

I cleaned the battery compartment and installed fresh batteries, so the LED stand is now good as new and works perfectly.  But this experience showed me that, while the figures are superb, the batteries that accompany them are not.  They are, in fact, quite cheap and degrade quickly.  So, change your figure’s batteries, or at least double-check them, before turning them on!


The Arc Reactor Creation Set is based on the scene in Iron Man 2 where Tony uses a Particle Accelerator to create a new element based on the clues left by his father.  Since the palladium powered arc reactor is slowly poisoning him, he replaces the palladium core with this rediscovered element.

A new in box set comes with several accessories, like:

  1. The arc reactor.
  2. A holder for the arc reactor.
  3. A pair of goggles.
  4. Two blueprints.
  5. A prototype of Captain America’s shield.
  6. A figure stand.

However, being that he was pre-owned, my Tony Stark doesn’t have these fun extras.  That’s one hundred percent okay, though, because I want to create my own versions anyway!  So, instead of showing you Tony’s original doodads, I’m going to reveal what I’ve made for Tony Stark so far.

A fold-up Penthouse!

DIY Folding Penthouse For 12-Inch Tony Stark Doll.

I made this after watching My Froggy Stuff create a folding doll room in one of her videos.  I don’t remember the exact tutorial I followed, but I think was the Pillow Room?

Anyway, I wanted to recreate the large living area in Stark Tower–you know, the room he and Pepper are in when Agent Coulson interrupts with news about Loki and the tesseract.

Well, after studying screenshots of that scene for several days this is what I came up with.

DIY Folding Doll Room: Stark Tower.

It’s far from being 100% accurate, I know.  The middle section needs a bar (like the one Tony stands behind when talking to Loki), and I’m not quite sure what to put on the side without the window, but it’s a start!

Tony looking at doll room: It's a bit empty if you ask me.

Oh, don’t worry!  I’m working on a few things to decorate the area!

I really like this craft, though, and intend to make more.  Large crafts (like dolls rooms and backdrops) are on hold right now because I’m limited on space due to our never-ending home reno, but this room collapses down to about 14″ tall and 11″ wide and is easy to store.  It’s perfect for my current situation!

This doll room folds up nicely for easy storage.

Final Thoughts:

Hot Toys has five other versions of Tony Stark but, in my opinion, this one is the best.

Both The Mechanic and Rose Hill Tony Stark figures have “battle damaged” faces (sorry, but I prefer figures that aren’t bloodied and bruised).  The Mech Test Set and Armor Testing Version look awesome but are too far out of my budget.

However, the figure that came with the Arc Reactor Creation Set is exactly what I wanted: A non-bruised Tony Stark to display with my Iron Man collection.  You can find a new in box set for about $270, but, since I was willing to buy pre-owned, this one only cost $80.

Hot Toys Tony Stark from the Arc Reactor Creation Set.

Deals like this are exactly why I keep a close eye on eBay when shopping for dolls and doll related items.   Sure, getting something brand new is great, but I’m totally willing to compromise on the box and accessories if it means getting a Hot Toys figure for less than $100.

Because of that, Tony Stark ended up as part of my collection sooner than expected and I couldn’t be happier!

1:6 scale Hot Toys Tony Stark figure.

Well, I sure hope you enjoyed this review of the Hot Toys Tony Stark figure from the Arc Reactor Creation Set!

Be sure to stay tuned because there’s more Marvel fun on the way!  I recently snagged another character on my list and am off to take photos for his review just as soon as I hit the Publish button!  No, it’s not Iron Man…but it is a close friend of his!  Any guesses?  Share them in the comment section!


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